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Ascension, Plato's Cave and Cognitive Dissonance

You are no doubt wondering about the connection between Ascension, Plato's Cave and Cognitive Dissonance.  All will become clear I promise you. Lets begin by defining each of these three.

What is ascension?

Ascension does not involve going anywhere physically. It is a state of being.  A focus of awareness and a raising of consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency. It is thinking outside the restrictions of the third dimension.  It is conceiving of and perceiving, the metaphysical realm and acknowledging the part the non physical plays in the formation of the physical.

Energy always precedes form.  Nothing can exist without energy being there first.  We are eternal energy beings currently having a physical experience. Our true home is the Soul Plane.  We are just visiting Earth.  We have etheric bodies which are created in the Spirit world and which surround and give life to our physical body.  The etheric body is invisible in normal light but in certain lighting conditions I see it as a strip of blue light floating above the skin a few centimeters thick.  Plants and animals have these subtle energy bodies too and we can communicate with them telepathically through this commonality.  Animal communicators are now enhancing the relationships between owners and pets.( Anna Breytenbach animal communicator)

Up until 1200 years ago we all made use of our pineal glands and were all clairvoyant.  We gradually lost the ability.  Our pineal glands shrank.(The Pineal Gland a power source) In losing this ability we became separated from the Universal reality and imprisoned in a third dimensional illusion.

It is by completely stepping into your Reality, which means removing the very deeply rooted negative beliefs you are holding, that you become ascended and free in a Physical Light Body.

According to Plashdar of the Council for the Assistance to Earth, 
Ascension is most likely very different from your beliefs on Ascension

The Council go on to say "Ascension is a physical body no longer bound by the illusions it was taught were real. All illusions hold more power than they seem to at first. They are given energy by the masses and they are fed by that energy to control you. You are being fed illusional beliefs all the time, but, you can choose to have understanding of your Reality.
The Reality, which you term your Higher Self, is not separate from you. It is not an aspect of you that is on a Higher dimension, therefore the term Higher Self, is inaccurate. Your Higher Self, is your Reality, which has been covered up by the beliefs that you hold that keep you from truly being Yourself. And Yourself, your Real Self, your Reality, is already ascended. "

An ascended being is a complete embodied incarnate being that has ceased to seek outside of self for anything such as love, respect, or acceptance.  A being who has completely released all deeply rooted negative conditioning from culture and tradition that have given rise to the negative beliefs you live by.

Ascension is not leaving your body. That is not true Ascension. Ascension is overcoming ALL limitations of the body and allowing your Source energy, your Reality, to fill its body, your body temple. Right now you are filling your bodily home/temple with beliefs that cloud it and keep it in a false state of reality, but as the true Reality comes forward You, the Real You, fills the space rather than those limitations.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive means learned or known.  Dissonance means a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or opposing elements.

Cognitive dissonance therefore is an inner conflict between what is currently believed and what is being perceived or presented as an opposing belief, which would be more beneficial if it were to be held. So this article may trigger in you some cognitive dissonance if you find here completely new ideas or concepts that are opposed to the beliefs you have been conditioned to have.

Some persons fancy that instruction is like giving eyes to the blind, 
but we say that the faculty of sight was always there, 
and that the soul only requires to be turned round towards the light. 

Plato's Cave allegory

So as I was pondering how cognitive dissonance prevents us from ascending  I remembered the allegory used by the great Greek Philosopher Plato, (circa 427BC - 347BC. Student of Socrates), to teach his own student Glaucon the nature of Absolute Truth (with a capital T) from truth (with a small t).  This is recounted in Plato's book The Republic and given in full detail at the end of this article.  However, for now, allow me to paraphrase and explain the Master's teaching.

Here is a diagram of Plato's Cave.

Plato's Cave

Here is the simplified narrative.......

Deep inside a dimly lit cave a group of prisoners are chained to a wall.  They have spent their whole lives there and know no other 'reality'.  Not only are their limbs immobilized by the chains but their heads are also chained so that their eyes are fixed on a wall in front of them.  On this wall is a continuous projection of shadow images that are created by hidden hands against the light of a fire behind them.  The shadow world they see 'on screen' represents to the prisoners what they believe is the truth about life. 

One day one of the prisoners suddenly has an impulse to escape from his chains.  He leaves the darkness of the cave and emerges into the sun light of a 'new world' and realizes that the real Truth lies beyond his chains and the cave.  

He is so excited to have discovered that he had spent his whole life under an illusion that he returns to the cave to share his revelation with the other prisoners.  However, when he returns to the cave to speak with his peers with a desire to free them and share his new found Absolute Truth, the other prisoners refuse to believe him and want nothing more than for him to leave them alone.  He courageously leaves the cave never to return.  He chooses to live a new life outside the confines of the cave.

Here is a great short video narrated by Orson Welles that will assist you in understanding the allegory...

From another perspective

Our own era's Truth v truth

Let us further explore the Allegory of the Cave so we may understand how the cave analogy is playing out right now in our day to day life.

Absolute versus manufactured truth

The mainstream media that feed humanity with so called 'news' are simply recounting propaganda, manufactured truth,  supplied to them by those who would have us stay imprisoned and powerless in our illusionary reality.  The newsreaders are, for the most part, unwitting puppets of the so called 'shadow' world government. Now let me give you a moment to think about that, because there is the first cognitive dissonance pill that you have just swallowed.  How do you feel?  Do you feel confused? Cheated? Angry? Insecure?

“good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, 
while bad people will find a way around the laws”  

Well, here is some more information that will rock your world if you are hearing it for the first time. Democracy is a flawed political system.  Plato saw this and his theory has played out perfectly. Because of the nature of the human ego, unless you are an Ascended Being, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. " said historian and moralist Lord Acton (1834–1902).

So Plato said the solution was to have Ascended Philosopher Kings as the Guides for their nations. His reasoning is explored in great detail in his book The Republic.

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” 

In our democracies we have a situation where, in the main, the politicians who pretend to be representing their voters are generally driven consciously or unconsciously by egoic self interest. Because of this they are easily coerced and manipulated.  In fact Corporate fascism is a more correct term for the kind of democracy we currently have in the world.

We have materialistically minded scientists who have unwittingly ignored the true science which is Spiritual Science.  You cannot be a true scientist without acknowledging the role consciousness plays in life.

Similarly the purely intellectually minded who have forgotten their hearts and ignored compassion have given us technology which sadly lacks integrity.

The money and greed driven 'so called Big Pharma' corporations owned in the main by the Rockefeller dynasty, who deliberately plot to confiscate herbal and natural remedies from the shelves of 'health shops' by insisting on costly clinical trials which are conducted by scientists who ignore the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of natural remedies anyway.  Useless costly processes are required by law under the FDA (who were set up by and work purely in the interests of Big Pharma) to prove if these aids given freely to us by nature, that have been used successfully for hundreds if not thousands of years, really work.

Then of course we have the Banking System.   'The Banksters' - the Rothschilds, J P Morgan, Goldmann Sachs and a handful of other powerful families, who have created a system that risks paper money becoming worthless.  Fiat money rose to prominence in 1971, when the United States ceased to allow the conversion of the dollar into gold! I wonder why? After all I was taught that paper money was a promissory note - a 'promise to pay the bearer on demand' the value of the note in gold or some other precious commodity that was used to back the currency.  We've had over 40 years of inflation, derivatives, and recessions  - so imagine how much paper has been printed since.

All these people are in the business of manufacturing the false truth that the public believes is real. These false truths are installed into human minds through the use of News programmes, TV, movies, books, and the internet.  By the way did you know that Hitler's Nazi regime commissioned scientists to invent a mind control machine that would be able to infect millions of people simultaneously.  They were successful - and it was manufactured in America after the war and called television.

“In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes 
knows how to administer a city or a state. 
When we are ill... we do not ask for the handsomest physician, 
or the most eloquent one.” 


False 'truths' propagated by the Science Delusion

The 'science delusion' began conveniently as a result of flawed thinking by Newton, Darwin et al because of a materialist view, ie. a refusal to believe in anything other than what we can see, hear, touch, taste or smell with our physical senses.  And ended in enslavement and false limitation  :-

Error one:
there is the assumption that nature and everything in it, plants, animals, and humans are mechanical or robotic machines.

Error two:
That the entire universe and everything in it, including our bodies, is made up of unconscious matter. Yet strangely our minds are somehow conscious. This illustrates one of the biggest problems in materialist science.  Because in materialist science consciousness cannot possible exist.  Yet it is acknowledged but exclusively within human brains.

Error three:
the laws of nature are fixed;  they are the same as they were at the big bang and they will be the same forever. This infers that the “constants” such as the speed of light or the gravitational constant never change or vary.

Error four:
that both nature and the entire evolutionary process is purposeless, it has just come about by blind chance.

Error five:
biological inheritance and DNA operates only on a material level

Error six:
memories are stored as material traces inside the brain but no one knows how. All your memories are inside your head in some way stored in nerve endings or phosphorylated proteins or in some other way.

Error seven:
your mind is inside your head, it is an aspect of the activity of your brain.

Error eight:
psychic phenomenon such as telepathy is illusory regardless of evidence to the contrary. That’s because the mind is inside the head and can’t have any effect on anything else, especially not over a distance.

Error nine:
mechanistic medicine such as drugs or surgery is the only kind that really works. Alternative and complementary therapies may appear to work, but that’s just because people would have got better anyway or it’s the placebo effect.

Honesty for the most part is far less profitable than dishonesty

So are you asking yourself yet, why would anyone wish to imprison humanity and have them believe in an unreal 'reality'?

Well the answer lies in ego and human frailty - greed and a need to control.  Remember "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Elsewhere in the Universe, outside of the third dimension, there is no 'personal individual mind'. There is only a 'collective' type of mind in that all nations of beings are telephathic and work together as one unit for the good of all because of the heart mind's love impulse that motivates them.  Here on earth during Atlantean times we were granted an 'individual mind' - aka 'free will' - as an experiment to see what we would manifest as Creator Beings. Because of this intellectual thinking ability we naturally found ourselves in duality. We have two minds.  A heart mind that acts as intuition and a thinking mind that generates new ideas and concepts.   The polarity was thus set up.  We have the ability to choose between love and hate. Dark and light. Truth and lies. Victim or perpetrator.

The individual mind invented lying due to the belief that we couldn't be found out because clairvoyancy and telephathy had ceased to be a natural ability. We eventually became devolved humans and fell from grace.

“How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, 
and all our thoughts are a dream; 
or whether we are awake, 
and talking to one another in the waking state? ” 


Spiritual Truths

Imagine for a moment a world where everyone knows these ten spiritual truths because they were taught in school, spoken of in the mainstream media, in our religious institutions and in our history books.

1. We are spiritual beings, Souls that never die, temporarily inhabiting a human body

2. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.  There is nothing truly solid in existence.

3. Our thoughts create our reality.

4. Re-Incarnation is a fact

5. Karma is a fact- indeed there are four types of karma:-

The sum total of accumulated past life karma. The burden of your past which is in your 'account' and needs to be redeemed at some stage in your existence.

Prarabdha Karma
Part of the sanchita karma which is currently activated in your present life and which influences the course of your life.  You are either reducing it or increasing it depending upon your actions.

Agami Karma
Arises out of current life activities that will be experienced by you in coming lives. So this is added to your sanchita karma

Kriyamana Karma
Consequences already experienced in this life or that will be in the near or distant future

6. We are never alone. We could not exist here without help from our spirit guides and angels, or high vibrational beings of light who made agreements with us to help steer us on the path toward the goal of ascension. They exist in another vibrational level or dimension higher than ours.

7. Time is an illusion.

8. Love is all there is.

9. We are multi dimensional divine beings designed as co-creators of our reality

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; 
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” 

How we create our personal reality

Our 'reality' is what we perceive it to be through our physical senses and our nervous system.  Yet this system plays tricks on us.   We receive into our minds 40 billion bits of information per second.  Yet, we can only process 2000 bits.  We have to ignore 39,999,998,000 bits in creating our reality. So we can convince ourselves that what we perceive is real.  But it is not a true reflection of Reality, how can it be so?

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.” 

How others influence how we create our reality

Add to this that we are being fed wrong information about the nature of our world by our news media. For example have you heard anything on the news about the very real threat Fukushima poses to our planet.  This is the real environmental threat of the moment. Radiation is poisoning our seas and food supply.   300 tonnes of irradiated water is pumped daily into the Sea of Japan on one side of the Pacific and it has reached the other side already.  The Californian coast is showing signs of radiation poisoning of marine life. Starfishes are 'melting' on the beaches.  The Pacific is the world’s largest body of water covering about one third of the Earth’s surface. This massive ocean is double the size of the Atlantic and contains twice its volume of water. The Pacific and surrounding seas like the Sea of Japan exceeds 179 million square kilometres. All of the continental land masses on the planet could be placed in the Pacific Ocean, and there would still be room left over.  Yet the mainstream media, MSM, continues to tell us not to worry.  They report instead on greenhouse gases and carbon footprints, which whilst we must be cogniscent of these issues they pale into insignificance if radiation kills us and the planet.

And I'm not going to mention the fact that warmongerering is a money making ruse.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war"

 Can you see me? There I am the Philosophic Educator rescuing a potential philosopher- you!

This image says it all.  Politicians decide what is good for us.  They ignore or denigrate the philosophers (and these days imprison or threaten the whistle-blowers) who know the truth.  Movie makers play with our minds and emotions and instill values in us.  Fashion gurus influence our art and the way we dress.  The entertainment industry creates idols for us to worship and emulate.  The marketing people create must have Brand names to encourage us to consume.

Please tell me you have escaped the programming.
Please think outside the box.
Please spend a night with the TV off and your thinking cap on.
Please take time to check the facts of what I have presented here.

We must return to a spiritual science worldview as taught by ancient and modern Philosophers,  Gurus and Spiritual teachers and let go of the erroneous materialist Newtonian and Darwinian thinking that our educators conditioned us into believing which keeps us thinking inside the box and encourages the erroneous belief that we are small and powerless.  

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” 

Self Help Guide 

Resolve cognitive dissonance and  free yourself from dis-empowering beliefs

This 5 minute last thing before sleep DAILY REVIEW* exercise will enable you to balance the heart mind and the head mind and expand your consciousness.   It will assist you live life more authentically as your real divinely guided 'Higher Self’. It also ensures a 'clean slate' on waking the next morning. We must all learn from our thoughts and feelings otherwise they are useless. 

It is very useful and beneficial to write the answers in a journal.

A mental review is excellent otherwise.

1. Thinking:-

Who was directing my thinking today? Was it me?

2. Will:-

Who was directing my will and actions today? Was it me?

Did I give up my will today?

Did I behave congruently with what my inner guidance told me?

Did I hand my personal power over to others today?

Have I been self-directed today?

Was my heart in what I did today?

3. Feelings and emotions:-

What did I feel today?

Can I own the feelings I experienced?

Do I feel ashamed of the feelings I had?

Did I display a lack of empathy with others?

4. What positive learnings can I preserve from the thoughts I've had today?

What positive learnings can I preserve from the feelings I've experienced today?

How can I take what I have learned and use it to help myself in the future?

5. Was I impartial/unprejudiced/non judgmental today in my encounters with others?

6. Did I set boundaries that support me in balancing my social interactions with my personal needs? (if these two are in balance it assists us to remain open hearted and free of resentment)

7. Did I allow myself to be open to the unexpected today?

- * -

We start off by knowing truth. Truth is our natural habitat.   The truth is forgotten as the cognitive and conditioned limiting beliefs take over and create an un-natural habitat.  Eventually we release the beliefs and re-discover Truth and we flourish once again in our natural habitat.

I look forward to welcoming you as a Philosopher in Earth's ascended True Reality.

Namaste until next time

PS. Original Text of Plato's Cave allegory from The Republic

For those of you who would like to read the original text in The Republic where Plato tells the allegory of the cave to explain to his student Glaucon the nature of illusion here it is in its entirety......

BOOK VII of 'the Republic'

 Socrates:  And now I will describe in a figure the enlightenment or unenlightenment of our nature - Imagine human beings living in an underground den which is open towards the light; they have been there from childhood, having their necks and legs chained, and can only see into the den.  At a distance there is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners a raised way, and a low wall is built along the way, like the screen over which marionette players show their puppets.  Behind the wall appear moving figures, who hold in their hands various works of art, and among them images of men and animals, wood and stone, and some of the passers-by are talking and others silent.

Glaucon: 'A strange parable,' he said, 'and strange captives.'

Socrates: They are ourselves, I replied; and they see only the shadows of the images which the fire throws on the wall of the den; to these they give names, and if we add an echo which returns from the wall, the voices of the passengers will seem to proceed from the shadows.  Suppose now that you suddenly turn them round and make them look with pain and grief to themselves at the real images; will they believe them to be real?  Will not their eyes be dazzled, and will they not try to get away from the light to something which they are able to behold without blinking?  And suppose further, that they are dragged up a steep and rugged ascent into the presence of the sun himself, will not their sight be darkened with the excess of light?  Some time will pass before they get the habit of perceiving at all; and at first they will be able to perceive only shadows and reflections in the water; then they will recognize the moon and the stars, and will at length behold the sun in his own proper place as he is.

Last of all they will conclude:- This is he who gives us the year and the seasons, and is the author of all that we see.  How will they rejoice in passing from darkness to light!  How worthless to them will seem the honours and glories of the den!  But now imagine further, that they descend into their old habitations;- in that underground dwelling they will not see as well as their fellows, and will not be able to compete with them in the measurement of the shadows on the wall; there will be many jokes about the man who went on a visit to the sun and lost his eyes, and if they find anybody trying to set free and enlighten one of their number, they will put him to death, if they can catch him.  Now the cave or den is the world of sight, the fire is the sun, the way upwards is the way to knowledge, and in the world of knowledge the idea of good is last seen and with difficulty, but when seen is inferred to be the author of good and right - parent of the lord of light in this world, and of truth and understanding in the other.

He who attains to the beatific vision is always going upwards; he is unwilling to descend into political assemblies and courts of law; for his eyes are apt to blink at the images or shadows of images which they behold in them - he cannot enter into the ideas of those who have never in their lives understood the relation of the shadow to the substance.  But blindness is of two kinds, and may be caused either by passing out of darkness into light or out of light into darkness, and a man of sense will distinguish between them, and will not laugh equally at both of them, but the blindness which arises from fullness of light he will deem blessed, and pity the other; or if he laugh at the puzzled soul looking at the sun, he will have more reason to laugh than the inhabitants of the den at those who descend from above.

There is a further lesson taught by this parable of ours.  Some persons fancy that instruction is like giving eyes to the blind, but we say that the faculty of sight was always there, and that the soul only requires to be turned round towards the light.  And this is conversion; other virtues are almost like bodily habits, and may be acquired in the same manner, but intelligence has a diviner life, and is indestructible, turning either to good or evil according to the direction given.  Did you never observe how the mind of a clever rogue peers out of his eyes, and the more clearly he sees, the more evil he does?  Now if you take such an one, and cut away from him those leaden weights of pleasure and desire which bind his soul to earth, his intelligence will be turned round, and he will behold the truth as clearly as he now discerns his meaner ends.  And have we not decided that our rulers must neither be so uneducated as to have no fixed rule of life, nor so over-educated as to be unwilling to leave their paradise for the business of the world?  We must choose out therefore the natures who are most likely to ascend to the light and knowledge of the good; but we must not allow them to remain in the region of light; they must be forced down again among the captives in the den to partake of their labours and honours.  'Will they not think this a hardship?'

You should remember that our purpose in framing the State was not that our citizens should do what they like, but that they should serve the State for the common good of all.  May we not fairly say to our philosopher - Friend, we do you no wrong; for in other States philosophy grows wild, and a wild plant owes nothing to the gardener, but you have been trained by us to be the rulers and kings of our hive, and therefore we must insist on your descending into the den.  You must, each of you, take your turn, and become able to use your eyes in the dark, and with a little practice you will see far better than those who quarrel about the shadows, whose knowledge is a dream only, whilst yours is a waking reality.  It may be that the saint or philosopher who is best fitted, may also be the least inclined to rule, but necessity is laid upon him, and he must no longer live in the heaven of ideas.  And this will be the salvation of the State. For those who rule must not be those who are desirous to rule; and, if you can offer to our citizens a better life than that of rulers generally is, there will be a chance that the rich, not only in this world's goods, but in virtue and wisdom, may bear rule.  And the only life which is better than the life of political ambition is that of philosophy, which is also the best preparation for the government of a State.

In his book “Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery”. (UK edition is titled The Science Delusion) Rupert Sheldrake explores the truth around each of the above flawed beliefs.

*Daily Review modelled on R Steiner's teachings with grateful thanks.

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  1. I took your advice and thought about the things you said to myself without letting any other influences alter my mind. I think that aspects like the controlling of our minds through our society is true (Celebrities, tv, fashion) But I think that the belief of meaning and not being random is just wishful thinking. And not all music, fashion, and art is meant to control what we do, it also is an individual expressing themselves through a platform they have access to. If it is truly from the inside and not altered from what people have done before.