Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Monad's role in Reincarnation

The Monad, Soul and Personality and Reincarnation

During teaching experience over the years I have often spoken of the Monad and came to realise that many people are unfamiliar with the term.   Others wish to understand more about how the Monad relates to our true spiritual nature.  Others are unsure of how the Soul and Monad relate to one another.  I hope this short explanation and diagram will bring clarity.

Reincarnation is a

~ A Process of Reiteration ~

The evolutionary goal of the soul is to express itself through its outer garment, the personality, and to do so with increasing effectiveness.  The soul seeks to slowly influence the nature of the mind so as to generate thoughtforms that have uplifting value to others; it desires to imbue the emotional body with the capacity to feel and express the vibration of selfless love; and it yearns to persuade the personality to physically act in support of the soul’s purposeful agenda.  Yet, because of the various impurities found within the personality, it normally takes many lifetimes for the soul to fully succeed in this regard. This is the underlying reason for reincarnation.  When looked at more deeply, however, it is perhaps more accurate to see reincarnation as a process of reiteration.
When we normally hear the word “reiterate” we tend to see it as synonymous with repetition.  In this light we can see that this term can be applied to reincarnation.  The soul’s continual return to incarnated life is certainly a process of repetition—a reiteration of sorts. But the question must be asked, what is it that is reiterated? For the nature of each incarnation will often appear to be quite different. No two incarnations will appear the same, and are therefore not truly repeated events.  In one incarnation the soul may choose to manifest in female form, then return in a male body in a subsequent incarnation. In addition, the outer circumstances of each incarnation can be vastly different.  So again the question is, beyond the simple notion that the soul returns to form life over and over again, what is reiterated?
The Monad births an Over-Soul anew with each incarnation (shown as the ray emanating from the Monad) and the Soul created as a result is clothed in the permanent personality and the personality's physical body

The answer comes when we remember that the soul is simply a layer of consciousness developed and used by the monad—the center of Life Itself, deep within.  In the ultimate sense, it is the monad that continually incarnates and uses the evolving soul as its agent to transform the personality. This is why the monad is has been called the eternal pilgrim in some of the arcane texts of esotericism. It is the center of one’s Beingness, and it is that which continually returns. Compared to the evolving and changing nature of the soul and personality, the monad is an unchanging point of divine identity located at the core of every human being. In truth, it is the monad that is reiterated, and it uses the soul to create the changing circumstances evidenced at each incarnation.

Thanks to William Meader for the words. 

William is a teacher of Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy and his goal is to promote the spiritual journey and the evolution of human consciousness.

The diagram is my own based on ancient Greek teachings.