Sunday, 7 February 2016

Eternal Divine World Order versus New World Order

What on earth is the New World Order?

No doubt you have heard the term New World Order being spoken of, most commonly by American and English political leaders.   Have you ever wondered what it really means?

Truth is the NWO will steal what's left of humanity's freedom

Well, firstly it implies there is already some type of World Order in place that certain people feel needs to be superseded by a new one.

So what is the current World Order?   

It has been always been known as the Eternal Divine World Order. In other words a planned structure created by Divine Source and organised in support of human beings and their evolution.

Divine Source decreed that all human beings be granted 'freedom'. Freedom in this context is an ability to act out of one's Inner Being which is where our own Divinity lies. (Those of you who are familiar with my Hara Line Activation work will know this as the Core Star

The opposite of this form of freedom is slavery.  Slavery in this context is loss of freedom by choosing to oppose one's own Soul and Spirit.

Most of those who are reluctant to awaken are those who refuse to accept that they are three fold in nature ie. they have a transient physical body, a soul and an eternal spiritual nature.  They steadfastly buy into the worldview that if you can't see it, touch it, feel it, taste it or hear it then it doesn't exist.  In other words the old Newtonian worldview. However Quantum Physics has proven that this is an erroneous world view.  In fact consciousness is the prevailing force and this cannot be sensed through the 5 senses only through the sixth sense often termed intuition.

Tyranny in action devoid of diversity and personal freedom

The New World Order is an attempt to supersede the Eternal Divine World Order with a structure which will ensure the enslavement of human beings continues and worsens through ignorance of our true nature and the real history of our earth, where we came from and why we are here.

Any personal or group opposition to the Eternal Divine World Order is evil* and evil will prevail in the form of continued Cabalistic control (cabal means a secret political clique or faction and in this case the one initiated by the wealthy banking families and the 300 members of the elite Bilderberg Group who are the minions of the Illuminati) over all those who support the end of the EDWO in favour of the NWO.  

All God given freedom will be lost and humanity will fall even deeper into the dark abyss of debt slavery, suffering, pain, lack, loss of individuality and the inability to think for oneself. 

People will become automatons who do not even know they are imprisoned and controlled by greedy selfish tyrants so will lack the resources to break free. 

The rejection of light, love, integrity, truth and selflessness is in direct opposition with our natural state of being.  

If you wish to uphold the Eternal Divine World Order then be on guard when listening to those will try to fool you into thinking that anything other than that will be for your highest good.

Could explain many of the False Flag events
or the problem/reaction/solution con tricks.
Banker David Rockefeller is one of the tyrannical architects of NWO

If you are keen to uphold the Eternal Divine World Order which is truly the only route to the evolution of humanity and the earth then please consider carrying out the following intention on a regular basis:-

Whilst in a meditative state say :-
I wish to align my personal will with my Core Star and Higher Self's Divine Will safe in the knowledge that I will remain a sovereign being with the true freedom that I deserve.  

Its time to break free and put an end to the prison planet 

Many people blame God for wars and suffering and yet the truth is that man and his actions born out of freedom of choice and tinged with selfishness and ego has created all the suffering.  

God let humans become free then ergo humans are responsible for wars and suffering (not God). Therefore God is love. 
The force and power is in our hands. Nietzsche


* evil defined as the absence of light and love