Tuesday, 8 November 2016

You are free beings, utterly unlimited, just as God intended

Today as we approach the 11:11 Gateway I would like to share three things:

1. More about my book & a chance for you to have some input

2. A recent blog by John Smallman which answers some of the most important questions of our time. 
Why do I suffer? 
Why Am I here? 
What is God?  
What is Unity? 
How did Duality come into being?

3. The significance of 11:11 (11th Nov)

We will get to the book at the end of this article. 

Lets start with the 11:11 Gateway on Friday

11:11 is another heaven sent opportunity to let go of anything that is other than your authentic nature. Anything that is dualistic, illusionary, egoically created, anything that has ceased to serve your soul's purpose, anything that is draining your energy, or preventing you from living the life you want.  Write a list of the things you wish to let go of addressed to your Higher Self. Imagine a post box in the area of your heart chakra and imagine posting the letter into the vortex of the chakra. Ask your Higher self to assist you let go of what's on the list. Then physically destroy the paper.  

Then write a list of what you would like to attract into your life and post that into your heart's space.  Then stick it up somewhere you will be reminded about it each day.  Notice if you have any resistance, lack of trust, inability to receive, lack of deservedness, doubts etc come up as you look daily. If they come up deal with them by writing a letter and posting it into your heart's space for your Higher Self to deal with then destroy the physical paper.

Answers to the big questions

John Smallman is a man whom I respect greatly.  He channels Saul and this is a recent offering of his.  I wish to share it because it explains succinctly the answer to the questions I hear most often.  
How come we are experiencing a life of suffering?.......
Why are we here?.....
What is the illusion we are living in?....
What does it mean to become awakened?

The 'Battle' we are engaged in is perceived separation. We must stop this erroneous perception or we will exterminate ourselves.

The Human Primary Directive is to live, learn and grow.  Problems arise when one or more of these is neglected.  The exercise of the letter to the Higher Self is an aspect of inviting growth and learning.  Saul's message addresses 'living'.

Here is Saul's message:

As you have been told so often “There is Only One!”  You, each and everyone of you, every single element of consciousness, are united in Oneness with Source, aka God, the supreme and infinitely wise Intelligence in which all sentient life resides, eternally and in utter joy, fully aware, and fully awake.

God is!  Every sentient life force, energy field, awareness, conscious entity is . . . within the creative field that is God.  There is only the One.  Your sense or experience of separation is unreal, an imaginary state that allows you to experience a state of being that could never be.  The life force, the energy field, the sentiency in which consciousness expresses itself is Source.  There is nowhere else, although, within the dream world in which humanity appears to live, it seems that you can observe vast universes out there!  However, All is within!  There is no “Out there.”

Consciousness, life, existence, as humans experience it, is truly an inner state projected outwards to enable form to be felt, sensed and experienced.  The illusion is but a collective projection that you have chosen to believe in, and, to make it realistic, forms were developed – mountains, deserts, rivers, oceans, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. – to give it substance, to give it a physical reality, anOut There,” that was convincing.  And it remains extremely convincing while you continue to believe that it is real.

To awaken is to realise that you have been asleep, seemingly for eons, and to realise that you never left your Source.  

Consequently that realisation will fill you with joy because Reality, into which you will awaken, is eternal joy, joy unceasing, an amazing eternal experience of utterly care-free joy the like of which you have never even dreamed.  Your ability to conceive ideas or concepts, to imagine worlds of benign magnificence in which you are completely free to experience your unlimited creative potential that brings only further joy, is unimaginable when you are occupying physical bodies with all the limitations in which they, by your collective choice, appear to ensnare you.

You are free beings, utterly unlimited, just as God intended, and just as He created you.  However, just for the “fun” of it, you constructed an unreal environment of seemingly immense proportions in which to play games of separation.  Then, almost immediately, because you used your immense divine powers in its construction, you found yourselves seemingly lost and alone within it.  You, now tiny, insignificant, and fragile beings, found yourselves in human form, a form made of flesh that was weak and insubstantial.  That form required a constant supply of clean air, pure water, and nourishing food, as well as some kind of covering to protect you from the extremes of climate, and shelter to protect you from the harsher elements of that environment.

The environment, the illusory environment in which you are experiencing life as humans, is hostile, not just to humans, but to all physical life forms, because that is how you intended it to be.  You wanted to prove that you had no need of God, your Source.  He gave you everything that He had when He created you so that you would be eternally happy and joy-filled.  However, having free will, you wanted to use it to prove that you were independent, that you had no requirement for God and for the environment that is God.  You knew that separation from that, your natural and divine state, was impossible.  But you also knew that with the immense powers that He had bestowed upon you at the moment of creation, you could construct an unreal but seemingly very real environment in which to play games of separation.  And that is what you did.

Its apparent reality was amazing, and in your enthusiasm to enter into it and play those games, you chose to forget or draw a veil over your knowledge of your inseparable Oneness with God, and quickly found yourselves apparently alone, abandoned, and in great danger in an intensely hostile environment.

Over the timeless eons many wise and holy ones have visited you and attempted to encourage you to wake up, leave your games behind, and come Home, i.e. awaken, to Reality.  They could see your pain and suffering, and they wanted to assist you to awaken, but you were not yet ready to allow the illusion to dissolve, after all, you were proud of what you had built and you believed you could have dominion over it.

Now it has become apparent that the limitations you imposed upon yourselves, both physical and intellectual, would never be powerful enough to dominate and control the environment you had constructed.  You had constructed it with your divine powers before you entered into it.  Within it the limits you had chosen to place upon yourselves ensured that, alone, you could never truly dominate it.  You might succeed in destroying the part in which you had chosen to play your games, but then what would you do?  Visit another part and do the same?

Therefore you chose collectively to awaken and let it dissolve into the void from which you had drawn the materials to build it.  That is what is occurring now, as your industrial conglomerates accelerate their destructive activities all across the planet, and your human organisations engage in ever bitter conflicts of an intensely egotistical nature.  The social, political, business, and religious systems that you built and developed over the eons are no longer practical, they are filled with conflicting views and opinions whose proponents and advocates refuse to listen to one another, but, instead, shout one another down in an explosion of meaningless rhetoric.  

It truly is time you awakened.

So, as we keep reminding you, you – who are reading this – chose to be embodied as humans at this moment to assist in the awakening process.  The most effective way in which you can assist in this process is to go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, where the Light of God’s Love, and therefore, of your Love, burns continuously, and intend to be Love in action, to be loving in every moment, and in every interaction with others.  You are Love, all that is required of you is that you be yourselves, free of all egoic masks and disguises, and that you allow the Light of divine Love that is your true nature to blaze forth into the world and intensify and accelerate humanity’s awakening process. 

end of message

How do you go within?

I would like to ask for some feedback from you.... 
How do you go within?  Please share with me in confidence a way that works for you. email please reply to rita

Our new book on Self healing

In our book we will be addressing how to resolve your 'top of mind' problem.  If you wish to assist in our research please answer the following questions :-

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Thank you to John Smallman for his blog

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Monad's role in Reincarnation

The Monad, Soul and Personality and Reincarnation

During teaching experience over the years I have often spoken of the Monad and came to realise that many people are unfamiliar with the term.   Others wish to understand more about how the Monad relates to our true spiritual nature.  Others are unsure of how the Soul and Monad relate to one another.  I hope this short explanation and diagram will bring clarity.

Reincarnation is a

~ A Process of Reiteration ~

The evolutionary goal of the soul is to express itself through its outer garment, the personality, and to do so with increasing effectiveness.  The soul seeks to slowly influence the nature of the mind so as to generate thoughtforms that have uplifting value to others; it desires to imbue the emotional body with the capacity to feel and express the vibration of selfless love; and it yearns to persuade the personality to physically act in support of the soul’s purposeful agenda.  Yet, because of the various impurities found within the personality, it normally takes many lifetimes for the soul to fully succeed in this regard. This is the underlying reason for reincarnation.  When looked at more deeply, however, it is perhaps more accurate to see reincarnation as a process of reiteration.
When we normally hear the word “reiterate” we tend to see it as synonymous with repetition.  In this light we can see that this term can be applied to reincarnation.  The soul’s continual return to incarnated life is certainly a process of repetition—a reiteration of sorts. But the question must be asked, what is it that is reiterated? For the nature of each incarnation will often appear to be quite different. No two incarnations will appear the same, and are therefore not truly repeated events.  In one incarnation the soul may choose to manifest in female form, then return in a male body in a subsequent incarnation. In addition, the outer circumstances of each incarnation can be vastly different.  So again the question is, beyond the simple notion that the soul returns to form life over and over again, what is reiterated?
The Monad births an Over-Soul anew with each incarnation (shown as the ray emanating from the Monad) and the Soul created as a result is clothed in the permanent personality and the personality's physical body

The answer comes when we remember that the soul is simply a layer of consciousness developed and used by the monad—the center of Life Itself, deep within.  In the ultimate sense, it is the monad that continually incarnates and uses the evolving soul as its agent to transform the personality. This is why the monad is has been called the eternal pilgrim in some of the arcane texts of esotericism. It is the center of one’s Beingness, and it is that which continually returns. Compared to the evolving and changing nature of the soul and personality, the monad is an unchanging point of divine identity located at the core of every human being. In truth, it is the monad that is reiterated, and it uses the soul to create the changing circumstances evidenced at each incarnation.

Thanks to William Meader for the words. 

William is a teacher of Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy and his goal is to promote the spiritual journey and the evolution of human consciousness. https://meader.org

The diagram is my own based on ancient Greek teachings.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Eternal Divine World Order versus New World Order

What on earth is the New World Order?

No doubt you have heard the term New World Order being spoken of, most commonly by American and English political leaders.   Have you ever wondered what it really means?

Truth is the NWO will steal what's left of humanity's freedom

Well, firstly it implies there is already some type of World Order in place that certain people feel needs to be superseded by a new one.

So what is the current World Order?   

It has been always been known as the Eternal Divine World Order. In other words a planned structure created by Divine Source and organised in support of human beings and their evolution.

Divine Source decreed that all human beings be granted 'freedom'. Freedom in this context is an ability to act out of one's Inner Being which is where our own Divinity lies. (Those of you who are familiar with my Hara Line Activation work will know this as the Core Star www.theharaline.com

The opposite of this form of freedom is slavery.  Slavery in this context is loss of freedom by choosing to oppose one's own Soul and Spirit.

Most of those who are reluctant to awaken are those who refuse to accept that they are three fold in nature ie. they have a transient physical body, a soul and an eternal spiritual nature.  They steadfastly buy into the worldview that if you can't see it, touch it, feel it, taste it or hear it then it doesn't exist.  In other words the old Newtonian worldview. However Quantum Physics has proven that this is an erroneous world view.  In fact consciousness is the prevailing force and this cannot be sensed through the 5 senses only through the sixth sense often termed intuition.

Tyranny in action devoid of diversity and personal freedom

The New World Order is an attempt to supersede the Eternal Divine World Order with a structure which will ensure the enslavement of human beings continues and worsens through ignorance of our true nature and the real history of our earth, where we came from and why we are here.

Any personal or group opposition to the Eternal Divine World Order is evil* and evil will prevail in the form of continued Cabalistic control (cabal means a secret political clique or faction and in this case the one initiated by the wealthy banking families and the 300 members of the elite Bilderberg Group who are the minions of the Illuminati) over all those who support the end of the EDWO in favour of the NWO.  

All God given freedom will be lost and humanity will fall even deeper into the dark abyss of debt slavery, suffering, pain, lack, loss of individuality and the inability to think for oneself. 

People will become automatons who do not even know they are imprisoned and controlled by greedy selfish tyrants so will lack the resources to break free. 

The rejection of light, love, integrity, truth and selflessness is in direct opposition with our natural state of being.  

If you wish to uphold the Eternal Divine World Order then be on guard when listening to those will try to fool you into thinking that anything other than that will be for your highest good.

Could explain many of the False Flag events
or the problem/reaction/solution con tricks.
Banker David Rockefeller is one of the tyrannical architects of NWO

If you are keen to uphold the Eternal Divine World Order which is truly the only route to the evolution of humanity and the earth then please consider carrying out the following intention on a regular basis:-

Whilst in a meditative state say :-
I wish to align my personal will with my Core Star and Higher Self's Divine Will safe in the knowledge that I will remain a sovereign being with the true freedom that I deserve.  

Its time to break free and put an end to the prison planet 

Many people blame God for wars and suffering and yet the truth is that man and his actions born out of freedom of choice and tinged with selfishness and ego has created all the suffering.  

God let humans become free then ergo humans are responsible for wars and suffering (not God). Therefore God is love. 
The force and power is in our hands. Nietzsche


* evil defined as the absence of light and love