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Christology, Whitsuntide and the Two Jesus Boys

June 4th 2017 is the beginning of the week long Christian Festival of Whitsuntide.

When I was a little girl living in northern England in the fifties, Whitsuntide was always exciting because we were bought a brand new outfit of summer clothes.  The full monty:  dress, hat or bonnet, gloves, handbag, shoes and coat, which, from then on, would be worn for ‘best’ and for Sunday church, until the winter came along. We also had a two week school holiday - the first of our summer season - which meant long adventure filled days playing outside unsupervised (it was very safe in those days). 

Here's me aged five 
dressed ready
for the procession
On Whit* Sunday (aka Pentecost), the first day of the week of Whitsuntide, we dressed ourselves in our lovely new things took our fresh flower basket in hand, and presented ourselves at our respective Churches in plenty of time to line up behind the big Banner, carried by the congregation's strongest men, in readiness to walk in a long procession down the main street of the town.  The procession was watched by thousands who lined the streets, three deep or more in places.  As I think of it now I suppose the watchers were the non church-goers come to watch the church goers proclaim their faith.  People who knew me would rush to me as I walked and press money into my hand which I would then gratefully transfer into my 'new' handbag.  I never questioned these gifts as it was just what people did.  Now I realise what these gifts signified. Firstly the gift of the Holy Spirit, as Pentecost celebrates the disciples receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit or Christ consciousness.  Secondly, after Golgotha, people would donate money to the Apostles who would then distribute it as charity to those in need. 

Festival of Flowers?

Whitsuntide was a Festival of Flowers in my Congregational* church.  I felt close to nature as the beautiful flowers bedecked the church.  The Summer Solstice was just around the corner, June 21st, the first day of summer when the Sun comes closest to the Earth.   

  “the heart of man opens as the flower bud opens”.
 Rudolph Steiner

My understanding of Whitsuntide until I was fourteen was the time of the ‘Procession of Witness’.  I naively thought it was allowing others to witness one’s faith in God.  Now I realise that the Festival was all about proclaiming our faith in and expressing our gratitude for, the Sun and its' Radiance. And of course all that meant. There is no life without our Sun.  Our Sun is the hub of our Solar System.  Our Sun was created first and the Solar System around it.  It is the ‘Life Giver’ to our part of the Universe.  So in a way the Sun is our local god because it is our life-giver.  It's not 'God' as in our 'Creator'.  Not the Almighty, Supreme Being, Source of All.  Not Mother/Father God.  Not the Divine Architect. Not the Omnipresent Omnipotent One. Not Unity.  But a ‘Son’ or child of God created in order to provide a source of life.

So the more I thought about the name Whitsuntide the more I wondered about its true origins. So my research began and I was amazed at what I found. 

Whit Sun Tide 

According to Rudolph Steiner ‘Whit Sun Tide’ signifies "a small part of the radiance of the sun in waves like the tide".

Sun's radiance like waves of rays

Now that got my attention because I remember how the Church discouraged, in no uncertain terms, the pagan Sun Worshippers.  So what was the church doing celebrating the Sun?  The plot thickened!

Steiner stated that Whitsun enlivens the flame of the etheric heart.  He also said that our purpose is to spiritualise matter during our earthly incarnation.  

Think about that for a moment.  We are matter. The earth is matter.  So our job is to spiritualise matter. How are we designed to do that?  Read on and you will discover how.

Pentecost and Trinity Sunday

Whitsuntide is heralded by Pentecost and falls on the 50th day after Passover  (Passover celebrates the biblical account of Moses leading the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt) and synchronistically occurs 50 days after the Ascension of the Christ Being on Golgotha (see previous blog for more Truth about Easter.) 

Trinity Sunday on June 11th and Spirit Monday June 12th end the Whitsuntide Festival. Trinity in the modern Church definition represents the three aspects of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is a relatively recent addition to the festival.

The Hara Line and Golgotha

Steiner explained that in order for each one of us to benefit from the deed of Golgotha we must connect ourselves directly to the Christ energy.  In my modern day terminology this means we must connect our Hara Line to what I now term the Unity Grid, located approximately a metre above our heads. This grid forms the collective consciousness of humanity and the Christ Consciousness energy is held within this grid in the same way that electricity is generated and held within the electrical grid system awaiting our need for power when we plug in the kettle or computer.  Where does the Christ Consciousness energy get generated though?  Well it is sent to us via our Sun. 

The Pleaides Cluster with Alcyone its Sun

It comes from the original Unity, the Grand Central Sun of the Cosmos via the Sun of the Pleaides known as Alcyone, via our Sun and into our energy system via the Unity Grid.  By drawing on this Unity energy the Christ impulse becomes individual in each human being.  
This is what is meant by the biblical phrase ‘it came to pass for all mankind’.

Zoroastrianism and Buddhism unite

WISDOM AND LOVE are the two greatest aspects of humanity and together they form a whole.  They are two sides of the same coin.  True knowledge is born of love and love finds its way to knowledge and wisdom.

The Buddha represents Love.
Buddha's teaching, when truly understood, has such a warming, deepening effect on the soul and because Jesus embodied this teaching he used it  as a firm foundation for his own teaching.

Buddhism was established over 2500 years ago – ie,  in the fifth/sixth century before our era. 

Steiner said  “Everything in Buddhism has to do with inwardness, with human nature and its inner development; genuine, original Buddhism contained no ‘cosmology’ — although it was introduced later on. The essential mission of Buddha was to bring to men the teaching of the deep inwardness of their own souls. Thus in certain sermons Buddha avoids any definite reference to the Cosmos. Everything is expressed in such a way that if the human soul allows itself to be influenced by Buddha's teaching, it can become more and more perfect. Man is regarded as a self-contained being apart from the great Universe whence he proceeded.”

Steiner suggested that Zarathustra’s life purpose and world service was exactly the opposite to Buddha’s.   Zarathustra taught about the Spiritual Being of God the Creator of the Cosmos without whose Light forces that stream in, nothing would exist, including human beings.

Therefore Zarathrustra (aka Zoroaster)  represents Wisdom.

Zarathrustra (aka Zororoaster) points to the Cosmos - the habitation of Ahura Mazdao

Zarathustra* whose name means ‘Star of Humanity’ or ‘Golden Star’, or ‘Star of Splendour’, was an Adept and wise Spiritual Teacher who was born 3700 years ago and from whom the people of ancient Persia received ancient wisdom and in particular the teaching concerning Ahura Mazdao, the great Sun Being.   This ‘Sun Being’ was regarded as the soul and spirit of the external, physical sun.  

Hence Zarathustra was able to point to the sun and say: 

‘There is His habitation; 
Ahura Mazdao; 
He is gradually drawing near 
and one day He will live in a body on the Earth!’

What if he did?  What if aspects of the Sun Being incarnated into a physical body?  I intend to show that this indeed happened.

The great differences between Zoroastrianism and Buddhism are obvious as long as they are seen as separate; but the differences were resolved through their union and rejuvenation in the events of Palestine.

The Christ

Ahura Mazdao, was later known as ‘the Christ’ — Zarathustra introduced the people of Persia to the Being of the Sun that we now refer to as Christ.  However it was to be another 1700 years before the birth of Jesus.  

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; 
no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6

Did you know that your Etheric body reunites with the Sun a few days after death? This is what the above biblical quote means.

Truth is inevitably complicated, and I appreciate that this article concerning the Events of Palestine: Christology, Whitsuntide and the Two Jesus Boys, may challenge you.   However we are discussing here the most significant happening in the evolution of the Earth.


So from Whitsuntide let us move to Christmastime in order to continue the unfolding of our story.

Lets begin by asking a simple question:  
Why did Matthew leave out the three kings from his gospel narrative?

Here's a clue.......

The Two Jesus Children

Yes there were two Jesus children! 

St Luke’s Gospel and St Matthew’s gospel both tell of the Nativity and yet they differ in that they describe two different children with separate genealogies.

St Luke describes a child from the Nathan Line of the House of David (the Priestly line).

St Matthew describes a child from the Solomon line of the House of David (the Kingly Line).


Steiner noted for those who were doubtful of the fact of two Jesus boys that:

 “In the Old Testament there are, for instance, two prophecies: 
one in the apocryphal Books of Enoch pointing more to the Nathan Messiah of the priestly line, and the other in the Psalms referring to the 
Messiah of the kingly line.” 

It is interesting how differently one can interpret scripture when the confusion of erroneous interpretation is removed.

It is noteworthy that not only did Essene prophecy, as discovered this century, predict two messiahs, but considerable works of art created during the Christian era after the Inquisition, shows two different Jesus children.

There were two families each with one boy, plus a cousin of one of the boys named John who later became known as John the Baptist. All three children figure in the Old Master’s frescoes and paintings.

The Newfoundland Madonna  - Madonna del Duca di Terranuova (oil on panel 87 cm diameter) by Raffaello Sanzio dating from  1504-05 now preserved in the Gemaldegalerie in Berlin. It clearly shows the younger Nathan Jesus on his Mother's knee with the Soloman Jesus standing on the right and John the Baptist [symbolised by his staff] on the left .

Madonna and Jesus with cousin John the Baptist (standing) symbolised by the lamb he's holding.
John the Baptist was Elijah re-incarnated.
Notice Mary has two fingers apart like a V and Jesus has two fingers held up towards John.
V symbolises the womb of a woman and his two fingers two boys. Sometimes the truth is hidden in full sight. 

Steiner tells us that the Solomon child was born long enough before the Nathan child to permit John the Baptist to escape King Herod's decision to order the massacre of male children under two years of age.  Herod did this because he feared a new King of the Jews had been born who would threaten his authority. You will remember in the bible the story of the 'flight into Egypt of Joseph and Mary with their child. This journey was made to save the child from being murdered. The journey was begun in haste and before the child was eight days old. We know this because the bible tells us that there was no time to arrange the circumcism which normally happens before the age of eight days. Therefore the child was not not circumcised until he returned from Egypt eight years later.

The Flight into Egypt, c.1648/50 (oil on canvas) by Dolci, Carlo (1616-86)

Since John was six months older than the Nathan Jesus, we may assume that the Solomon child was born more than six months before the Nathan child. 

Before the birth of their Jesus child, the Nathan parents lived in Nazareth and the Solomon parents lived in Bethlehem

Those who have studied the matter carefully know that most scholars place the birth of Jesus earlier than our calendar date but that there is a discrepancy of a few years between the proposed dates. Herod the Great’s death in 4 B.C. pretty well establishes the birth of the Solomon Jesus at least four years BC, while from the standpoint of Luke’s Gospel a date as late as 1 BC is suggested.

When Joseph and Mary, of the Solomon family, returned with their son from Egypt, they went as the angel had instructed Joseph into Galilee and settled in Nazareth. As related in the Gospel of St. Mark, they had several more children: Simon, Judas, Joseph, James and two sisters. (Mark VI, 3).

Two Children grow up in Nazareth as neighbours

Steiner says, “Thus we see two Jesus-children growing up. The son of Joseph and Mary of the Nathan line was born of a young mother (in Hebrew the word ‘Alma’ would have been used), for a soul of such a pure loving Buddha nature must necessarily be born of a very young mother. After their return from Bethlehem this couple continued to live in Nazareth with their son. They had no other children; the mother was to be the mother of this Jesus only.

As one might expect in a small community, they were friendly and the children grew up as neighbors until the Nathan child was twelve years of age.

When the Nathan Jesus reached this age his parents went to Jerusalem ‘after the custom’, to take part in the Feast of the Passover, and the child went with them, as was usual.

We now find in the Gospel of St. Luke the mysterious narrative of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple. As the parents were returning from the Feast they suddenly missed the boy; failing to find him among the company of travellers they turned back again and found him in the temple conversing with the learned doctors, priests, teachers and elders all of whom were astonished at his wisdom.

What had happened? According to the Akashic records what occurred was what we would now term a ‘walk in experience’. 

The Synagogue story of St Luke's gospel - the two become one

Up until the age of twelve there were two separate boys. Then comes the report in the bible which refers to the two becoming one and this is the story of the twelve year old ‘Jesus’ teaching in the synagogue as given in the account in Luke’s Gospel.

The Solomon child was probably at least fourteen when the Nathan child was twelve.

Luke describes the integration of the two in a single verse – 
“Jesus then increased in wisdom, age, and beauty”

Heinrich Hofmann (1824 -1911), "Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel", 1884.

Nathan Jesus was able to utterly confound the learned doctors, priests, teachers and elders in the temple. But what is even more telling is that this so astonished his own parents. They were astonished because the simple child they had known up until that time was no longer merely pure, simple and deeply in touch with all creatures, but he was now wiser than the wisest in the temple as a mere twelve year old. If this wisdom had previously existed in the child, surely they would have come to expect this type of thing. As it is, they too are incredulous!

The Nathan Jesus child was now so changed that his parents did not know what to make of him as they took him home with them.

The I Am consciousness of the Solomon Jesus had left him and entered into Nathan Jesus who, until then, had only the Buddha I Am consciousness within him. 

The Solomon child withered and died soon after the transmigration of the 'soul'. Nathan Jesus now consisted of the physical body descended from David through Joseph, the unspoiled etheric body template of the original Adama human being, the purified astral body of the Buddha, and the most advanced 'I Am Presence' humanity had produced, that of the ancient Zarathustra.

Mary the ‘virgin’ mother of the Nathan Jesus died soon after the temple incident, so that the child into whom the Zarathustra soul had now passed was orphaned on the mother's side.

Two families Unite

The Father, Joseph of the Solomon line, had already died, and the mother of the child who had once been the Solomon Jesus, together with her children James, Joseph, Simon, Judas and the two daughters, were taken into the house of the Nathan Joseph.

That is how Zarathustra (now in the body of the Nathan Jesus-child) was again living with his original birth family (excepting his dead Father).  Thus the two families were combined into one. 

The families of the two boys are described differently in the gospels. St Mark confirms that the Solomon Mary had other children, four sons and two daughters and that the Solomon Joseph died.

The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist

Trevisani's 1723 depiction of the baptismal scene, with the sky opening and the Holy Spirit (aka Whit of the Sun Being or Christ Consciousness) descending in the shape of a dove
At the time of the Baptism in the River Jordan the Christ Consciousness of the aspects (whit) of Sun Being (aka Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit) then entered Jesus and combined with the two placeholders - the Buddha consciousness and the Zarathrustra consciousness: love and wisdom. 

In the bible it says:

‘Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said, Thou art my beloved Son, this day have I begotten Thee' 

Simultaneously with the Baptism the soul aspects of the original mother of the Nathan Jesus descended from the spiritual world and transformed the Solomon line mother who had been taken into the house of the Nathan Joseph, making her again virginal. Thus the soul of the mother whom the Nathan Jesus had lost was restored to him when he was thirty through his 'step mother'. The woman who had been his step mother since the age of twelve had given birth to other children, whereas his natural Nathan line mother had been the young virgin of the immaculate conception (non physical, non sexual conception which was how life used to be conceived before humans became totally physical in nature. Originally as fifth dimensional beings we co-created offspring without sexual intercourse.  Offspring were created through thought and intention just as other creative impulses were generated - and yes this could be the subject of another blog!).   So at this point Mary was called Blessed Mary’ as named in the Bible.

The two families were of course merged by the marriage of the Solomon Mary to the Nathan Joseph, and all the children then lived together in Nazareth.  Hence from then on the bible refers to him as Jesus of Nazareth.

So now it is not said simply that he was a ‘son’ of Joseph, but: ‘being as was supposed the son of Joseph’ (Luke III, 21–23) — for the soul had originally incarnated in the Solomon Jesus and was therefore not connected fundamentally with the Nathan Joseph.

A Unique gift for humanity

Therefore actual fusion of Buddhism and Zoroastrianism took place in the person we come to know as Jesus of Nazareth.

One boy, from the Nathan line, was the incarnation of the Buddha (love) as I have said.

The other boy from the Soloman line, was the elder boy by a few months and was the incarnation of Zarathrustra (wisdom) as discussed.

So just to re-iterate......
The spirit/soul of Zarathrustra left the older boy of the Soloman line and entered into the body of the younger Nathan line boy. Thus wisdom and love came together in one single body for the first time ever on earth.  The older boy’s physical body eventually faded and ceased to live as his spirit had left his body.  So the person we know as Jesus or Jeshua (Master Sanander) lived on as the incarnation of both love and wisdom. 

Buddha's Teaching concerning the Ennoblement of Man's inner Nature and Zarathustra's Teaching concerning the Cosmos.

Let's place emphasis on the fact that Zarathustra directed his gaze to the outer world. Whereas Buddha gave deeply penetrating teachings concerning the ennoblement of man's inner nature.  

From Zarathustra came sublime teachings relating to the Cosmos, in order that men should be enlightened about the world out of which they are born. 

Buddha's gaze was directed inwards, Zarathustra's to the outer world, with the aim of understanding it through spiritual insight.

The Essene families of both boys were fully aware of the plan and supported the amazing process fully knowing the importance of such a process for humanity. 

The Nathan line Jesus was educated in the Spiritual practices of many belief systems.  Having been brought up in the Essene movement at the age of thirteen his wealthy Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, a jewish merchant with his own fleet of ships and secretly a Druidic Priest,  took him to England to be schooled and initiated in the Druidic ways.  It is believed he was further educated in eastern ancient wisdom through Vedic scripture studies in India before returning to the Holy Land.  All this initiation and preparation was necessary to raise the vibration of his physical body to prepare him for the role he was to take on at age thirty when he was Baptised and the Sun Being entered his physical body to incarnate on earth just as Zarathrustra's prophecy had predicted.

Remember Jesus was thirty when his cousin John baptized him in the River Jordan.  During this baptism aspects of the Sun Being descended into the readied physical vehicle for what was to be a three year sojourn on earth.  Now the physical vehicle housed three aspects:  Love, Wisdom and the energy of the Being of the Sun. 

The term Jesus was the Son of God needs clarification.  Jesus was the vehicle for aspects (whit) of the Sun Being.  Only aspects could come forth because the whole Being of the Sun was much too strong to be encased in a single physical body however well prepared it had become.  And of course the majority of the Sun Being had to remain in his habitation as he was the orchestrator, life-giver of the Solar System.  The Sun being could be termed a ‘Son (Sun) of God’ in that the Sun was created by the Divine Source.  Human Beings are of course sons and daughters of God too in that we are divinely created and we draw our sustenance from the Sun.

The Nativity

The Three Kings visited the older child of the house of Solomon who was born in the home of his wealthy parents.

The adoration of the shepherds was given to the younger child of the house of Nathan who was born in Bethlehem. 

Gerard van Honthorst, 1622 

The two children are depicted by the old Master artists in very different ways.  The younger Nathan line child is always shown lying new born in the manger.  The older Soloman child painted sitting up and taking notice on the knee of his mother as shown in the painting below. 

Mathias Grunewald depicts the Madonna and (Soloman line) Jesus - he is not shown as newborn
From the Isenheim Altarpiece painted between 1512 and 1515

There is one painting that depicts the families of the two Jesus boys.  It is a fresco in Burg Valeria Sion in the Swiss Alps.  Unfortunately I could not find a reproduction on the internet to include here.  

The Sun Being’s influence in planning the two births is shown on paintings as the golden aura or halo around both children.

Ministry and death

The mature Jesus was destined to spend three years as an earthly being and in that period taught and spread the truth of our spiritual nature.  The longer the Sun Being was encased in a physical body the less his power became.  The more the earthly realm overcame him the more removed he became from his true home, the Sun.  He slowly lost his metaphysical powers and experienced first hand the suffering of humanity.

“The God became Man and in so doing became 
powerless in the world of men”.  

The Way of the Passion. Infinite suffering added to sorrow for the plight of humanity. more at Mystery of Golgotha

Mathias Grunewald's Resurrection - notice the golden corona like the Sun around the head
This is another section of the Iseneheim Altarpiece.  By 1509, Grünewald was court painter to the Archbishop of Mainz, and he was commissioned to paint the Isenheim Altarpiece around 1512-15.

Close up of the Whit of the Sun Being's head as he begins his ascension back to the Sun - taken from the above picture

Rudolph Steiner wrote and spoke a great deal on the true events surrounding the life of the man we know as Jesus of Nazareth and he stated: 

"The Event of Palestine is an illustration of one most significant fusion of the spiritual streams in humanity.  Two separate individuals enabled the fusion of Buddhism and Zoroastrianism."

Why no mention in the Gospels of the two boys

Of course these facts are no longer found in the Gospels.  However the First Council of Nicaea (a council of Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325)  and others, have over the years adjusted the sacred scriptures, either ignorantly, or with forethought, to suit political ends through the centuries.

Steiner channelled the Akashic Records and in so doing gave us lost knowledge that only the old Master's paintings complete with their symbolism, were holding safe. (Truth being secreted in full sight! Does that sound familiar?) 

It must never be forgotten that the words at the end of the Gospel of St. John hold good for all the Gospels — that the world itself could not contain the books that would have to be written if all the facts were presented.

The revelations safeguarded for humanity through what we knew later as Cathar Christianity (see the divine feminine and the cathars and the Cathars murdered by the church of Rome inquisition) are not of a kind that could have been written down and presented to the world once and for ever as a complete record. 

Christ Jesus’s - [I feel Christ Jesus is more appropriate a term than Jesus Christ - after all Jesus was there first before the Christ descended into his body] - words are true: 

‘I am with you always, until the end of the world!’ 

He is there not as a dead but as a living Being, as a stream of conscious healing energy we now term Christ Consciousness.  What He has to reveal can always be perceived by those whose spiritual eyes are opened and align their Hara Line to the Unity Grid and to the Earth. 

I feel true Christianity is better called Christology as it is a living stream and its revelations will endure as long as human beings are able to receive them. 

The facts presented here cannot be quoted verbatim from the bible however, the consequences of the facts are stated in writing in the sacred texts which will hopefully enable your acceptance of what I am writing here.

Lets review the facts again....The births of the two Jesus children were separated by a period of a few months. But Jesus of the Gospel of St. Luke was born too late to have been a victim of King Herod’s so-called ‘massacre of the innocents’.

The Jesus of St. Matthew's Gospel was saved from the massacre because he was taken to Egypt by his parents.  Cousin John was born shortly before or about the same time as this Jesus. According to Gospels, John remained in Palestine, but if that had been the case he would certainly have been a victim of Herod's murderous deed. You can hopefully now see how necessary it is to devote serious thought to these things; for if all the children of two years old and younger were actually put to death at that time, John would have been one of them. But this riddle will become intelligible if, in the light of the facts disclosed by the Akashic Records, you realize that the events related in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew did not take place at the same time. The Nathan Jesus was born after the Bethlehem massacre; so too was John. Although the interval was only a matter of months, it was long enough to make these facts possible.

To sum up - why Jesus gave humanity the greatest gift possible which became the turning point in evolution

Remember the Kingly line Solomon Jesus of the Gospel of St. Matthew was the reincarnation of the Zarathustra-Individuality, from whom the people of ancient Persia had once received the teaching concerning Ahura Mazdao, the great Sun Being.

After attaining enlightenment Buddha went to Sarnath; and it was here that he preached his first discourse in the deer park to set in motion the 'Wheel of the Dharma'.
Sarnath is one of the most holy sites as in this place the stream of the Buddha's teaching first flowed.

Buddha gave to the world a teaching presented in the concept of the Eightfold Path (ie. the qualities needed by the human soul if it is to escape the harsh effects of Karma).   Essentially Buddha's teaching was, ‘develop compassion and love for all things based on a sense of morality’.

According to Steiner, “when the Bodhisattva became Buddha, this was a crucial turning-point in evolution. Had the full revelation of the Bodhisattva in the body of Gautama Buddha not taken place at that time, it would not have been possible for the souls of all human beings to unfold what we call ‘law-abidingness’ — ‘Dharma’ — which a man can only develop from his own being by expelling the content of his astral nature in order to liberate himself from all harsh effects of Karma”.

This is expressed in Buddhist legend as ‘turning the Wheel of the Law’. This means that the enlightenment of the Bodhisattva and his ascent to Buddhahood enabled a force to stream through the whole of humanity as the result of which men could now evolve ‘Dharma’ from their own souls and gradually fathom the profundities of the Eightfold Path. This possibility began when Buddha first evolved the teaching upon which the moral sense of men on Earth was actually to be based. This was Buddha’s life purpose and world service.  To enable man to experience his own soul as his great ideal.

Whereas Buddha pointed to the actual thought-substance out of which the thoughts arise from the human soul, Zarathustra pointed to ‘world-creative thoughts’ which he termed the ‘Ferruers’ or ‘Fravashars’.  In other words Divine Consciousness which we can tap into in order to support ourselves in our evolution.

We are never alone and we are Spiritual Beings 

In truth then we have two forms of support. Our own inner being, our Higher Self, which rests in the safety of a collective divine-spiritual world, the Soul dimension, where we are never alone..  We are born of the Spirit and rest in the Spirit; with every indrawn breath we inhale divine Spirit; with every exhalation you may make an offering to the great Spirit!’ 

Egyptian and Hebraic culture gives us further evidence of the truth

Hermes as the healer with caduceus and winged sandals 

Zarathustra had two pupils: the Individualities who later incarnated as the Egyptian Hermes and as Moses respectively. When these two Individualities were again incarnated in order to carry forward their work for humanity, Zarathustra's teaching was integrated into the Egyptian Hermes. Hermes bore within him the astral body of Zarathustra which had been transmitted to him in order that all the knowledge of the Universe possessed by Zarathustra might again be made manifest on earth through an incarnated human being and therefore have the opportunity to take effect in the outer world. 

The etheric body of Zarathustra was transmitted to Moses. And because whatever evolves in Time is connected with the etheric body, when Moses became conscious of the secrets contained in his etheric body, he was able to create the mighty pictures of happenings in Time presented in Genesis. In this way Zarathustra worked on through the power of his Individuality, inaugurating and influencing Egyptian culture and the culture of the ancient Hebrews that issued from it.

Zarathustra destined to fulfil a great mission, incarnated again and again in other personalities.  Thus 2600 years ago Zarathustra incarnated in ancient Chaldea as Zarathas (aka Nazarathos), who became the teacher of the Chaldean Mystery-schools; he was also the teacher of Pythagoras and again acquired profound insight into the phenomena of the outer world and so taught about concord and harmony in the outer world. His mission also included the art of organizing empires and institutions in keeping with the progress of humanity and with order in the social life. 

Who were The Three Kings

Hence those who were pupils in the Chaldean school of Nazarathos/Zarathas became great ‘Magi’, great 'Magicians of Metaphysics' great ‘Initiates’ and also ‘Kings’ (men versed in the art of establishing social order in the external world).

Journey and Adoration of the Magi, by Gentile da Fabriano 1370-1427 Matthew tells us about these wise men from the East: philosophers, princes, rich and powerful pagans,
who have the leisure and the desire to study the heavens (astronomy to them; idolatry to the Jews).
They have been tracking the great star which appears over Judea during the period of the nativity. They travel to Jerusalem, seeking help from the ruler of that place - our old friend, Herod. After consulting with his chief scribes and priests, Herod secretly sends them to Bethlehem. He asks them to return with a report so that he might worship the child. Herod's nefarious intention to murder the baby is
prevented by an angel who tells the wise men not to return to Herod's court

The pupils in the Chaldean Mystery Schools saw in their teacher a reflection of the Sun itself and that is how the Magi (Wise Men) knew when their Master was born again. Led by their ‘Star’ [ie. Zarathustra whose name means ‘Star of Humanity’ or ‘Golden Star’, or ‘Star of Splendour’], they brought as offerings to him the outer symbols for the most precious gift he had been able to bestow upon men. 

This most precious gift was knowledge of the outer world, of the mysteries of the Cosmos.  

Symbols for this knowledge — which can be acquired by mastering the secrets of the outer world — were gold, frankincense and myrrh

gold the symbol of thinking, 
frankincense — the symbol of the piety which pervades man as feeling, 
myrrh — the symbol of the power of will. 

Thus by attending their Master when he was born again in Bethlehem the Magi gave evidence of their union with him and this was recorded by the writer of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

Zarathustra, as Jesus of the Solomon line of the House of David, chose purposefully to be born of the Kingly line this would give him status and aid him in passing on the teachings of his past lives.

Moses by Rembrandt

The history of the Jesus whose parents resided originally in Bethlehem is correctly told in St. Matthew.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem and he had to be taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s decree.  It was after their return from Egypt that the parents settled in Nazareth, for the child who was the reincarnation of Zarathustra was destined to grow up near the child who represented the other stream — the stream of Buddhism. Thus the two streams were literally brought together geographically.

Confusion arose because in St Luke’s gospel it says that the parents of the Jesus of whom he is writing resided in Nazareth, that they went to Bethlehem to be ‘taxed’ and that Jesus was born during that short period. The parents then returned to Nazareth with the child. 

Maternal and Paternal influences

The Gospels become especially profound when they are indicating essential facts. The quality in the human being that is connected more with will and power, with the ‘kingly’ nature (speaking in the technical sense), is transmitted by the paternal element in heredity. 

The inner nature that is connected with wisdom and inner mobility of spirit, is transmitted by the maternal element. 

Goethe hints at this in the words:
From my father I have my stature
And life's serious conduct;
From my mother a happy nature
And delight in telling fables.

 ‘Life's serious conduct’ — this is connected with the character of the I Am and is inherited from the paternal element. For this reason the Solomon Jesus had to inherit power from the father, because it was his mission to transmit to the world the divine forces radiating through the world in Space.

This is expressed by the writer of the Gospel of St. Matthew when the announcement of his son’s birth was given to Joseph, the father.

Matthew 1:20  behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.

Philippe de Champaigne's The Dream of Saint Joseph painted around 1636

According to St Luke’s Gospel Angel Gabriel announced to Mary the conception of her son because inner traits and qualities are inherited from the mother and were transmitted to the Jesus of the Nathan line.

 Fra Angelico - Annunciation - note the dove above the head of the Nathan Virgin Mary as Archangel Gabriel gives her the news of her spiritual (aka immaculate) conception

The Jesus-child who bore within him the Individuality of Zarathustra unfolded with extraordinary rapidity powers that will inevitably be present when such a mighty Soul incarnates.

The nature of the Individuality in the body of the Nathan Jesus was altogether different, the most important factor there being the Nirmanakaya* of Buddha overshadowing this child. Hence when the parents had returned from Bethlehem, the child is said to have been full of wisdom — that is, in his etheric body; he was “filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him.” (Luke II, 40). But he grew up in such a way that the ordinary human qualities connected with understanding and knowledge of the external world developed in him exceedingly slowly. A superficial observer would have called this child comparatively ‘simple’ — if account had been taken only of his intellectual capacities. But instead there developed in him the power streaming from the overshadowing Nirmanakaya of Buddha. He unfolded a depth of inwardness comparable with nothing of the kind in the world, a power of feeling that had an extraordinary effect upon everyone around him.

A New Template for humanity

Thus in the Nathan Jesus we see a Being with infinite depths of feeling, and in the Solomon Jesus an Individuality of exceptional maturity, having profound understanding of the world.  In coming together for the first time a template for evolution of humanity was created.  In adding the Sun Being to this mix the gift of Christ Consciousness, the healing energy of the Earth, was granted to humanity to enable us to return to full consciousness from whence we came. We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are our own Messiah. Jesus's etheric nature has resided in the Etheric Realm* above the earth since the mid 1940's.  He guides us from there.  The fact is that we embody the Christ and we are Christed Beings on our way back home.

Namaste until next time


*Notes :

*Congregationalism - speaks of a form of church government. “Episcopal” church government is ruled by bishops, “presbyterian” church government is rule by elders, and “congregational” church government is rule by the congregation. Episcopal government usually includes a hierarchy over the local church, and presbyterian government sometimes does as well. Congregational government nearly always avoids such hierarchy, maintaining that the local church is answerable directly to God, not some man or organization. Congregational government is found in many Baptist and non-denominational churches.

In addition to those churches which practice a congregational form of government, there are also those which call themselves Congregational Churches. Most of these are affiliated with the United Church of Christ, the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, or the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. These groups share a common history which is traced to the New England Puritans.

Whit - a noun

Definition:  a very small part or amount.
"the last whit of warmth was drawn off by the setting sun"   

synonyms: scrap, bit, tiny amount, speck, iota, particle, jot, atom,

Biography of Zarathushtra Spitaman:

Around 3700 years ago, in the plains of Central Asia, a man arose by the name of Zarathushtra Spitaman. His father was Pourushaspa, which means "full of horses", indicating that he was a horse breeder or rancher, while his mother's name was Dughdhova, which means "milk maid", so likely Zarathushtra was from a cattle and horse breeding family, which places him in the upper middle class of his time. Not much is known about his youth, except that he was very curious and wanted to find out about things. He spend long times outdoors, contemplating about nature and the questions of life, by which he got visions that made him aware of the existence of a Supreme Being, an all Wise and Good (genderless) God, who urges Mankind to preserve His/Hers Creation and to bring it into perfection. Zarathushtra encountered many difficulties and challenges imposed on him through the opposition of the established priests and local ruling princes. Eventually he and his followers had to leave their homeland for other lands. Finally, at the age of 42, Zarathushtra reached the court of King Vishtaspa and managed to get an audience with the king. During this encounter, many of the leading priests and wise men were present, to quiz Zarathushtra and test his new philosophy. Zarathushtra could answer all questions to the satisfaction of the King, who after a few days of pondering the situation, embraced this new religion and urged his subjects to do the same. This was the major breakthrough in Zarathushtra’s propagation of his message to mankind, which is so simple, that it is contained in a small book of 17 songs called "The Gathas of Zarathushtra". In the Gathas, Zarathushtra did not claim to have received inspiration from God, but to have both 'realized' and 'seen' God and His/Her Qualities in observing Nature and the world around, rather than having it 'revealed' to him like to a prophet - he was a seer, a thought-provoking messenger. Zarathushtra lived a healthy life to old age. According to later tradition, Zarathushtra passed away of natural causes, at the age of 77.

The Druids who were they:

The Druids are thought to have been the remnants of Atlantean society  settled in England.  One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way it manages to offer a spiritual path, and a way of being in the world that avoids many of the problems of intolerance and sectarianism that the established religions have encountered.

John the Baptist.

John was the herald of the Being who was to come in Jesus. John proclaimed this by gathering together and summarizing with infinite power everything contained in the old Law. What the Baptist wished to bring home to men was that there must be observance of what was written in the old Law but had grown old in civilization and had been forgotten; it was mature, but was no longer heeded. Therefore what John required above all was the power possessed by a soul born as a mature — even overmature — soul into the world. He was born of old parents; from the very beginning his astral body was pure and cleansed of all the forces which degrade man, because the aged parents were unaffected by passion and desire.

Definition: Nirmanakaya

In the Mahayana teaching of trikaya, a buddha is said to exist in three bodies -- the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya.   The nirmanakaya is the earthly, physical body of a buddha, which manifests in the world to teach the dharma and bring all beings to enlightenment. For example, the historical Buddha is said to have been a nirmanakaya Buddha.  The nirmanakaya body is subject to sickness, old age and death like any other living being.)

Etheric Realm of Earth

Just as we have an etheric subtle body that gives life to our physical body and returns to the Sun at death, so too does the earth have an Etheric Body that enables the earth to exist in physicality. The etheric body is outside of the physical - just above and around it you could say.

Book : The 2 Jesus Children by Hella Krause-Zimmer 
In the small book, What Happened in Bethlehem? Hella Krause-Zimmer describes the two-fold Christmas Story. The questions she asks, encourage the reader to dive into the mystery of the two Jesus children, and at the same time shows that this motif was used often in art.

The Mystery of the Two Jesus Children: And the Descent of the Spirit of the Sun

Temple Lodge Publishing, 2005 
The Christian Gospels give two widely differing genealogies for Jesus, which have baffled theologians throughout the centuries. Not only are these genealogies irreconcilable, but the stories of the two accounts of the birth of Jesus, as given by Matthew and Luke, are also radically different. How can this be accounted for? An ancient tradition tells that there were two children named Jesus, a year apart in age and both born to parents named Mary and Joseph. These two children, brought up in close proximity, eventually ?united? in a mysterious way, resulting in a single ?Jesus? destined to grow up and fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.

Rudolph Steiner’s book on the two Jesus boys

NB: There is a fresco in Burg Valeria Sion in the Swiss Alps showing the 2 separate families.