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Surrender as a Means to Ascension

Surrender as a means to Ascension

surrender benefits

The Healing Runes

Each rune can be linked to a letter but also to higher guidance. The original runes were said to have been channeled by Odin.  
Odin the Ancient Norse name for God / the Creator
ODIN is the greatest of the Gods. He is the lord of hosts and the god of inspiration.
Odin’s thirst for knowledge drives his actions in many of the myths. He became all-wise by drinking from Mímir’s fountain, at the cost of one of his eyes. Having lost this physical eye he compensated for the loss by developing his Pineal gland – the third eye.  He impaled himself with his spear on Yggdrasil, the tree of life, for nine days to learn the secrets of the Universe.  it was during this period he was given the runes as a means of assisting humanity evolve. He is seen as the father of many gods and creator of the first man and woman. He is recognized by his floppy hat and long cloak.
Yggdrasil (ash tree)
Yggdrasil (ash tree) known as the Nordic Tree Of Life
The common man looked upon Odin with respect, rather than love; only the highly evolved chose to embrace him.
We have to let go of, or surrender, the ‘old’ we are holding on to so we are free to grasp the ‘new’.

Out of body experience confirms need to surrender

A couple of weeks ago I experienced an Ayahausca journey. Something I have wanted to do for many years.  The main lesson that came as a result of my conscious out of body experience, was the importance of surrender as a means to evolve. (For the record please understand that I will never recommend this type of experience to others – trust your heart to inform you of how best to assist your own journey). Ayahausca is called the Soul Vine and the herb’s effect is to activate neural pathways, open the pineal gland and allow you to see the astral plane.  In so doing receive information to guide you to understand the most important ‘next lesson’ on your healing journey.
Surrender is more than just letting go of the need to control.   It is through surrender that we come to recognise a force greater than ourselves, a limitless power that is available to us, a Power that heals.  Surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine.
Almost all of the world’s great religions and spiritual paths practice some form of Surrender: it can be seen as an invitation to turn your will and your life over to your Divine Self, your I Am Presence.
Not so long ago, Surrender meant defeat and brought with it shame and dishonour.  On the healing journey, Surrender means relinquishing egoic control, for in so doing we acknowledge our readiness to heal.
So what would happen if you let go of any egoic need to control any aspect of your life? What feelings arise at the prospect?
For some, surrendering to the feelings of ‘fear of not being in control’ or ‘fear of being abandoned’ or ‘fear of not being good enough’ – in other words by facing your fears and moving through them hand in hand with the Divine – is enough to create enormous shifts.
If you are facing a critical illness, a life crisis, or if you feel the moment has finally come to stop fighting yourself, then be grateful, and practice Surrender.  And if you do nothing else, LET GO AND LET GOD.  For many of us, this oft-repeated phrase has already provided safe passage to the new way of life as fully conscious beings.  If you are coming across this concept for the first time, let it mark a new beginning for your healing and evolution.
The true power of Surrender always changes our lives.
Since you are being drawn to read this then you may wish to pray and affirm:
I surrender my personal will to the Greater Will, the Will of the Divine.
Contrary to what your ego mind may think, if you can do this your personal empowerment will be enormously enhanced. You will be assured of attaining Ascension.

wonder, reverence, feeling in harmony, surrender

These words (abbreviated) were spoken by Rudolph Steiner in Lecture V of his “The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit”.  He was describing how through developing these four qualities “in the very highest degree” can one re-establish the original relationship between the higher spiritual nature and the emotional feeling body (he termed this the astral body).
Steiner maintained that without surrender nothing new can be achieved. Simple as that.

Express who you really are, deep within: a beautiful, radiant, confident, serene, and abundant being

If you wish to practice a meditation that will assist you to ‘surrender’ to your Authentic self, the real you, instead of the ‘not-self’ you that attempts to control instead of trust, that prevents you going with the flow, that prevents you following the route home designed by your Soul and I Am Presence, then please download free the following beautiful meditation by ‘Orin’ a Highly evolved spirit being and teacher channelled by Sanaya Roman.
On the Orin & daBen website (link below) you will find a free download meditation called   Orin’s Opening to Your True Identity Guided Meditation which you will find beneficial to do on a regular basis.  It enables you to align your ‘personal will’ with God’s Will so that you may open to your true self. Start to transcend your ego and move into divine consciousness as you listen.  Lift the veils and permit yourself to express who you really are, deep within: a beautiful, radiant, confident, serene, and abundant being.
There is a full transcript of the meditation on the webpage too.
In the mid 1990′s I was trained by Sanaya Roman and her Guide Orin to awaken my ‘Light Body’ through Love and joy rather than through strain and effort. My evolutionary journey was assisted greatly and my psychic abilities increased immensely.   I trust the channelling and the processes so feel happy about recommending this meditation to you.
Namaste until next time
Further reading : The Healing Runes book by Ralph H Blum
Since the beginning of recorded history, the oracular tradition has been associated with healing and with the Divine. For Ralph H. Blum, the journey toward spiritual and emotional healing began with the 1982 publication of “The Book of Runes,” Since then, millions of people have welcomed the inspiration, guidance and comfort found in his interpretation of an ancient Western Oracle– the Runes.
At this time in history, a recognition of the relationship between physical health and emotional well-being is crucial. Created specifically to support traditional forms of therapy, healing and recovery, as well as all Twelve Step programs,” The Healing Runes” offers a new interpretation of this sacred oracle for all those whose lives stand in need of healing.
When you are feeling alone or afraid; when you are sick physically or emotionally; or when your best friend is away and you need sound advice– put your hand in the bag and pick a Rune. And when you are full of joy and praise and gratitude– pick a Rune. “The Healing Runes” provides comfort for the heart, ease for the body, peace for the mind and nourishment for the soul.

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Crop Circles aid consciousness shifts

Temporary Temples

June, July and August in the Northern Hemisphere are months of high activity as far as the creation of Crop Circles (also known as Temporary Temples) are concerned.  

Whilst crop circle pictograms are reported worldwide, particularly in Canada, Germany, USA, Norway and Italy, a veritable plethora of circles (usually between 50 to 60) is found in England in the Wiltshire area every year.  This is because it is a very suitable environment for a number of reasons:- 
  • It is a cereal crop farming area planted with wheat, barley, oats and rapeseed which are ideal high stemmed plants to work with. 
  • There are many ancient sacred sites which date back to Atlantean times  
  • A well populated area yet largely agricultural ensures that almost all the pictograms are discovered quickly after they are laid down in the growing crop
  • The energies in the area are also conducive.  For two reasons.  There is a strong presence of telluric energies (vibrations which emanate from the core of the Earth herself), which are utilised to create the phenomena. And
  • The area was popular with the Druids who worked with energy there over long periods of time and this positive Druidic consciousness still remains held in the area.   This consciousness is utilised to bring forth these patterns. 
  • Some have said that Wiltshire is the location of a huge energy vortex, effectively a Light Portal, which makes communication from outer planetary areas relatively easy.

Woodborough Hill Wiltshire 9th June 2012 - 
the buildings in the background help with context and scale
Size of the pictograms varies from a few feet across to over 1000 feet in diameter or length. They are incredible works of art. Most of the crop circles are formed within a few minutes and the majority during hours of darkness.  The method of creation is, “The Sound of Light, with the flow of air”. 

My own experience

I had the fortunate experience of being able to enter into, then stay to meditate,  in a freshly made circle in 2000, it was an amazing experience.  The energy was so strong that I had to leave after 30 mins due to extreme pressure in the head. 

Close up of a centre swirl
The stalks of the crop were literally bent over about 2-3 cms above ground level and lay over one another interlaced in complex vortices.  

It would be impossible to create such a layout mechanically.   

Seeds enhanced

It has been proved that the seeds are enhanced by the 'energetic intervention' which is thought to be a kind of micro wave that softens the stalks so they bend rather than break.  They are unharmed by the movement, continue growing and can be harvested when ripe. Farmers do not lose any yield from the crop.  Indeed some farmers charge people a fee to enter their property to view the pictogram so are rewarded in that way.  Usually the circles appear within a few days of harvest time so you have to be quick to photograph or visit them.

Crop Circles and the Awakening of Humanity

Enlightened beings from Arcturus and Andromeda claim to be the creators of the circles.  Their intention is to help support changing human consciousness.  When we humans look at the visual creations they 'non verbally speak' to our unconscious minds.  Some of the images are symbolic, others mathematical formulae, still more astronomical maps, others beautiful mesmerising mandalas, and some geometric shapes and designs.  
There have been many hundreds of circles created since 1990, which is when people started to take notice and photograph them.  Each one has contributed to the uplifting of human consciousness.  There is a recorded mention of crop circles in England in the 1600's.
One of my favourites
Liddington Castle on June 2 a couple of years ago

The Arcturians have stated that they agreed a long time ago that part of their contribution to humanity would be to bring forth these patterns, that would assist the uplifting of the vibration of humanity and this, they say, is done in three ways. 

  1. The visual pattern.
  2. The energy that the pattern contains.
  3. The impact upon the grain from these circles, because the grain is altered in a positive way by the energies that come forth to create them.  

The plants grow more strongly and they carry a much higher vibration.  If the seeds from within a circle are re-planted the crop the following year will carry a higher vibration.  Indeed the plants themselves create a sacred space in the growing area that is ideal for meditation or prayer because of the high vibration

Also food which is created using the grains and the leaves from these plants will deliver a higher vibration and, in a sense, better nutrition to the body. 
So there are several elements to these patterns, and their purpose is to assist with the awakening of humanity and uplift the vibration of the human physical body.

Travellers in Light ships

Light Beings who create the crop circles come to Earth in Light Vehicles, which are materially different from the typical UFO made of physical matter.
During the formation of the crop circles, light is generated in the area, but as it is not a particularly intense light by the time people realise something is happening, the circle is already complete.

Energising the Portals of Light to support Mother Earth

An important part of this movement of changing Earth and human consciousness, is linked to energising the Portals of Light around the world. Therefore, the greater the number of people who visit these sites, with full conscious awareness of what they are doing, the smoother future Earth changes are likely to be. 

We are all capable of playing our part in the upliftment of the body of humanity, because, we are as individuals a single cell in humanity's body.  Being conscious and acting from the basis of unconditional love will make a vast difference. Visiting sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury support the Earth, and all upon her, in ways we are as yet unable to fully comprehend. Suffice it to say, that the Light Beings express gratitude to all who are prepared to take part in the unfolding of this important Earth work at this time by paying attention to the images and allowing them to penetrate their psyche by visiting them, either in photo format, or in person. We all benefit from these efforts.

Predictive Pictogram

Here is a 'predictive' crop circle that was laid down in July 2008 at Avebury Manor in England. This pattern depicted the solar system as it would be at the 2012 Solstice December 21st to 23rd. The yellow words have been added by way of explanation.

Multi seed heads and stems
from one root

Enhanced Growth

A handful of wheat seeds collected by Kris Sherwood from a pictogram that appeared near Lichfield in 1995 was planted the following year and surprisingly produced multiple stems and seed heads off one main stem.  One stem generated 4 more whilst another created six individually attached stems with seed heads!  If this effect could be duplicated then higher yields in smaller fields could perhaps feed the world and preserve the environment!

William Levengood, a researcher for the agricultural seed industry, has detected some unusual anatomical anomalies in connection with both the soil and the crops of the circles.  Definite demonstrable changes occur at molecular and cellular levels and include specific changes to the nodal points of wheat and barley stems, which are seen to rupture or bend from the inside outwards.

Soil samples collected show unusual changes.  Crystalline formations and even microscopic nodules of meteoritic iron, have been found.  Some say this may be suggestive of a strange atmospheric effect at work. Others use the evidence as a link to other worldly intervention. 

A foray into the world of crop circles will enlighten, enchant and fascinate you in more ways that you can imagine.  The Circles have become symbolic of the process of the death of the old Age and birth of the New Age. 

View the wondrous art of the Light Beings from Arcturus and elsewhere by visiting the websites below. It is well worth the effort

Steve Alexander's photos

I can thoroughly recommend a Beautiful book 
Crop Circles Signs, Wonders and Mysteries 
by Steve and Karen Alexander.  
I was fortunate to receive this as a gift and will treasure it.


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Karmic Release - self help simple process


Two weeks ago I returned from a Retreat. A whole blissful week of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual detox. Nothing to eat or drink except raw veggie and fruit juices and water. Nothing to do except walk, journal, undergo hydrotherapy, be massaged and of course rest. Lots of quiet silent walks in nature and no one to look after but me.  I felt wonderful.

Included in the cost of the week was a treatment called Liquid Body Relaxation technique. I was intrigued. The 75 minute session began with Jenny, the therapist, pulling and stretching my body until the muscles had completely let go. The only bit of me that seemed reluctant to let go was a tiny spot in my neck and another in my shoulder. Jenny noticed it and we both put our attention there. As she massaged and prodded I went into the ache and tension which I suddenly realised felt like two round lead bullets lodged there which had been fired from an old fashioned muzzle loading pistol. I 'saw' the bullets in my mind's eye.

I suddenly felt I had been shot in the back as I was running from my pursuers. I had a vision of others from my village armed only with farm implements and tools, facing an enemy armed with guns. We were a poor excuse for an army but I felt a strong sense that we were fighting for our homes and livelihoods. As I was dying I felt a strong concern for my family. I felt guilty that I was forced to leave them to fend for themselves in such a harsh environment.

I then suddenly had the insight and realisation that after my death my wife and children all survived, coped well and made a life for themselves. Suddenly my guilt and sense of over responsibility disappeared as I realised I'd done my best as a breadwinner and father to protect them.

My shoulder and arm suddenly released and I knew I had cleared that karmic issue. There had been slight tightness in my shoulders my whole life and now my back and neck are much more comfortable.

Many people find the death scene of a past life, particularly if it occurs suddenly or tragically, creates an energy block or issue that is not released but continues as a karmic issue into the next incarnation. These blocks can cause physical and/or emotional issues in this life.

Karmic pre-dispositions

So lets be clear about the definition of karma. A simple definition is unresolved emotional, physical issues or limiting beliefs that we have brought with us into this life to resolve. Think of it this way. When we leave the third dimension at the moment of death we cannot take any negative energy with us. Elsewhere in other dimensions only positive energy can reside. So we must leave behind negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I liken it to leaving a suitcase in the ‘Left Luggage’ office at the railway station. We leave it there until it’s convenient to collect it later. We collect our unresolved negative issues when we re-incarnate. We then download them all from the suitcase when our astral (feeling) body becomes fully anchored to the physical and etheric bodies around the age of fourteen.

We then plan to release the issues through our life experiences particularly through lessons learned in relationships. However the best laid plans and all that….what usually happens is that we simply add issues to the suitcase so when we leave the planet we leave a heavier suitcase behind. This is due to ignorance and lack of memory of the fact that the suitcase exists, never mind what it’s contents were.

Identifying your karmic issues is a simple process if you are willing to put in a little time and effort. Usually karmic issues are those that keep recurring. Facilitating the release of the issues is simple if you use a simple and quick process whereby you are given a divine dispensation to assist you in acknowledging the issue then releasing it. Never before has karmic release been so easy. The universal consciousness implemented a dispensation procedure for the first time around 15 years ago in order to assist Light-workers prepare for Ascension in the most accelerated way.

Karmic Release

So there are a number of karmic issues that each of us came in to transcend. Often these issues relate to some deep fears that we are not always consciously aware of.  As you may know whatever we fear we attract to ourselves.  What ever we attract has the potential to teach us something important that we need to learn and then transcend, our karmic lessons.   Here are a few typical karmic issues:-

Fear of failing in my responsibility (this was mine)
Fear of putting myself first
Fear that life has no meaning 
Fear of moving forward
Fear of not being perfect
Fear of the dark
Fear of the darkness in others
Fear of persecution for my beliefs
Self Doubt
Fear of Betrayal
Fear of being controlled
Fear of not being in control
Lack of trust in my own heart mind
Fear of change
Fear of Loss
Fear of Death

I helped a young girl who was reconnecting with a past life experience in her 'dreams' and it was causing her and her parents a lot of angst.  I saw her for one short session and here's what her mother wrote to me:  My daughter has been amazing since her session with you. No more incidences while she is sleeping and completely brave when she wakes up and finds herself alone. The fear that caused the shouting for me has instantly stopped!!! It's truly incredible.

Depiction of the Great Divine Director, Lords of Karma

The Process

I have been using this most effective process to help myself and others release karma since 1998.  

Karmic Release Process 
with the Grace Given Through The Lords of Karma

Please note that four categories of release can be requested :-

Life Situations
Negative character traits

Also Disease…. However always heal the emotional issues at the root first

So here's how you go about it:-

1. Identify the issue you wish to have release from

2. Create meditative trance

Note : You can either just request the release from the issue …..or…..ask to be shown the Past Life that has relevance to the issue you require release from. You can request to be shown the first lifetime where this issue was created. Ask to watch like a movie any information or responses that come to you.

3. With humility and reverence in your heart….Ask..... please may I speak with the Lords of Karma, the Divine Director and the Karmic Board

4. Wait until you have some perception of them

5. Ask for the karmic release you desire

6. You will receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response

7. If the answer is ‘yes’ ask to have the release through :
a. The Mind Grid Level (wait for yes before asking for next level)
b. The DNA level
c. The Karmic Contract (or Akashic Record Level)
d. The Core Soul Level and beyond
If the answer is no to any of these levels then ask if healing is needed at that level – it may not be, and, if not go on. If the answer is no and release is needed ask what to do to proceed.

Ask for the healing or release :
FROM BELOW THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH TO BEYOND MY MOMENT OF SELF (MOS is the time of separation of individual Soul from Oneness. Ie. The Souls’ birth. The MOS is anchored in the 5th D core of the heart and links to the individuation point on the hara line. The ID point is situated higher up than the crown chakra above the head.
The ID point signifies the point of separation from unity to duality. The other end of the hara line connects into the Centre of the Earth when we are incarnate. The hara line holds our intentionality).

Or……if the answer is no to request above then try by reversing….
If still ‘no’ then do not clear the ‘no’ just finish to process that remains

When you have a ‘yes’ to all outer levels then …
Ask to please have the release :-
Through all the levels and all the bodies,
All the lifetimes including the present lifetime,
Heal all the damage from (name the situation)
And bring the healing into the present NOW

When you receive a ‘Yes’ again the process is finished…or you might feel or see the process begin and conclude. just wait until it is completed.

If the answer is ‘No’ ask for more guidance on what you need to know or do first before the release can be granted. Wait for a response. If you are shown symbols or pictures relating to a past life and you do not understand the meaning…just ask if you may be released from what you are seeing. If yes continue from 7 above. If still no then ask is there something you need to acknowledge or do first before the release can be granted.

After the release you can request more releases.

After the last release it is important that you ask for the Energy Balancing Process as follows :-


8. The Energy Balancing Process - to be done after the completed karmic release

9. Ask the Lords of Karma to align all your Energy Bodies and the connections between the energy bodies

10. Ask the Lords of Karma to please …Clear, Heal, Align, Open and Activate:

- The Ka Template 
Ka template connects physical body to Etheric via the root and perineum chakras
(wait for completion before moving to the next template)

- The Etheric Template
Etheric connects the etheric to the emotional/astral body via the Heart & Thymus chakras

- The Ketheric Template
Ketheric connects the emotional body to the mental body via 3rd eye and causal body chakras

- The Celestial Template
Celestial connects the Mental Body to the Spiritual body via the crown & transpersonal point

- The I Am Template 
I Am connects the spiritual body to the higher Self, Soul, Oversoul, via the Galactic chakras
(always in this order – you can repeat whenever you feel out of balance – or
weekly to stay in balance)

11. Ask for reconnection, healing and activation of your 12 or 22 strand DNA (This only needs to be done once in this lifetime)

12. Request Complete Core Soul Healing (this may continue for several days – it only needs to be requested once in this lifetime)

13. Ask to please have a comfortable integration of changes and for all changes and alignments to become permanent. Ask your Higher Self or Soul to come in...........
a. Invite her to remain connected with you permanently to guide your life from the higher perspective
b. Ask your Higher Self/Soul to clear, heal, align, open, activate and fill your Hara Line Channels and Chakras
c. Ask your Higher Self/Soul to clear, heal, align, open, activate and fill your Kundalini Line Channels and Chakras
d. Thank your Higher Self/Soul and ask that the alignments and healing of the chakras be made permanent
14. Thank the Lords of Karma for this Divine dispensation and balance

Thanks to Diane Stein for compiling this script in her Book We Are the Angels.

Caroline Myss Book Sacred Contracts is another  book I highly recommend. This book gives insights into any contracts you have made at a soul level before incarnation.  These contracts are naturally also related to karma.  Caroline explains how to discover if you have contracts in place.  You can ask for these to be dissolved by the Lords of Karma if you feel the contracts no longer serve you.

Namaste Rita

Friday, 6 September 2013

Big Brother type Gestapo Meters arrive in South Africa 2013

Take Back Your Power - 

Smart Meters and the Global Domination agenda

Would you allow a surveillance device unknowingly in your home?

Would you allow an outside agency to switch off your TV, aircon or fridge?

Well many people in Johannesburg South Africa, in the USA and around the world are already being scrutinised and spied upon 'Big Brother Style' by their energy providers.  There is a hidden New World Order agenda linked to the installation of radiation emitting so called 'Smart Meters' that monitor energy consumption in place of the old design electricity meters.  These new meters pose both a health risk from radiation and a privacy risk due to their surveillance and control capabilities.

These meters are dangerous in many ways as I will explain and the claims being made about why they are being introduced are false as this quote by a UK environmental council explains...

“The smart grid is increasingly understood as an over engineered, ill-advised, 
financial boondoggle at taxpayer expense, capable of endangering the security 
of the entire national grid, violating constitutional privacy protections 
and endangering public health. 
In addition, the smart grid/metering has not been found to save energy 
when all the new variables in the system are factored in. 
Plus, time-of-use pricing is largely punitive to those who can least afford it. 
Time-of-use pricing is fundamentally a Wall Street model designed 
to maintain shareholder profits as we transition to more energy efficient 
models that will reduce demand.” 
— Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council

South Africa - Big Brother is already here in the form of silent killers!

Tuesday April 2nd 2013 South Africa The Star reported as follows :-

Joburg plans transition to smart electricity meters

No electricity meter readers will be employed by the City of Joburg by 2015 - thanks to City Power's smart meter and prepaid meter programme.

Over the next three years, the power utility will install smart meters in Joburg residents' homes. 
City of Joburg spokesman Gabu Tugwana said 2015 was the targeted date for the completion of the project. 
"This means that at the end of the project, City Power consumers will be serviced by either conventional prepaid meters or by smart meters.
"We have about 12 000 large power users on automated meter reading, but this is now being extended," he said.
(my comments : The article continued with some FAQ's designed to 'sell' the benefits of the new Smart meters however the information omitted is that these meters will be capable of switching off your electricity supply to your home appliances should you be deemed to be using too much power at peak periods such as breakfast and meal times!  Neither do they mention that these meters have been called 'silent killers' because emit high levels of radiation 24 hours per day which is known to harm human health. They can never be switched off.) 
Also known as advanced metering infrastructure, they are electricity meters that link your house or business to a computer system at City Power.
With this system, the automated remote meter reading reflects the exact amount of electricity used during a particular period. 
Smart meters use the GPRS network for communication. This minimises communication costs compared to GSM, and avoids the use of SIM cards, which can be tampered with or stolen.
The meters also support several other features that help to minimise electricity consumption, such as load management. This allows the device to shift away electricity loads during peak periods and to restrict customers' electricity use during periods of supply constraints. (editor emphasis) 

City Power plans to have every household and business premises in the city on smart meters or pre-paid meters by 2015. The full rollout plan is being devised and will be communicated to residents when it is complete.

Consumption will be monitored in real time so you should get accurate bills. You won't have to deal with estimated readings.
You will be able to send SMS's, for example, about power interruptions and request your consumption information, which will also give you the monetary value of your consumption.

Smart meters contribute to the stability of electricity supply as they send an alarm as soon as power is lost or interrupted. This means unplanned power interruptions can be detected immediately, leading to quicker response and shorter power restoration times.
City Power will have the ability to send SMSes to consumers to notify them of power interruptions, request them to reduce consumption, or to send them billing-related information.
The meter can be configured for different consumption periods, such as peak and off-peak. These tariffs will help to shift consumption away from peak periods, when the most strain is placed on the grid.
( my comment : Note the mention of two way communication via SMS - this means other information can be communicated backwards and forwards for surveillance and control purposes.) 

City Power is considering implementing time-of-use tariffs at a later date, but this has to be done in consultation with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa. This means that there will be lower or higher tariffs during certain times of the day.
(My comment: You will end up paying more for power you use at peak use times - do you envisage getting up to switch the dishwasher and washing machine on at 3am? Have breakfast at 4am and supper at 10pm?)
end of newspaper article

Fight for your right to privacy, control and safety in our own home.  Legally  you can refuse the installation of the Smart Meter which has not even been proved to be a safe device. In fact a number of household fires in the USA have already been caused by these meters. Utility companies are getting financial kickbacks for illegally forcing these meters on everyone whilst pretending they are legally working in the public interest.

New Crowd Funded Movie tells all

The first crowd-funded documentary investigation into the heated controversy over “smart” meters and the energy utility industry - See more at:

Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “Smart” meters at an unprecedented rate. A new movie 'Take Back Your Power' investigates the benefits and risks of this ubiquitous “smart” grid program, with insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned communities. 

Transparency advocate Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations’ right to tap our private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”.

For an excellent, in-depth exploration of all of these issues and threats, make sure you watch the newly launched video  Take Back Your Power. 

Here is a trailer called "Smart" Meters & Surveillance: What Are Your Rights Worth?

Foster Gamble of Thrive has stated :-

If I were an elite international banker, hell-bent on creating a global totalitarian state, a complete energy tracking and control system would be a powerful and important part of my strategy.

Of course, I wouldn’t call it a “control grid,” or an “electronic surveillance system,” or “Gestapo meters.” That would be too scary and revealing. I would follow the lead of such clever titling as the “Clean Air Act,” and “No Child Left Behind.” I would call them something like… “Smart Meters”…in a “Smart Grid.” Yea, that’s the ticket.

To fulfill my mission, I would, of course, have to create a one-world government, so I would need to transcend national sovereignty as well as fund the new “World Order.” Fortunately a “carbon tax” (that my cronies and I can just buy our way out of) would accomplish all of that in one swipe! And the benevolence of well-intended but un-informed environmentalists would inspire them to go along with it and help fund their own captivity. Brilliant! I would naturally have all the taxes paid to my “World Bank” so we bankers could dominate the system.

The currency would need to be electronic — in the form of “carbon credits,” (energy use) and I could control people by doling out the vital energy everyone needs, based on their degree of compliance with my domination agenda. Of course, to do that, I would need to be able to monitor energy use — right down to individual appliances — so I would create a mandatory, all inclusive electronic grid that could not only track, but also control each individual’s energy consumption. I would also seize the opportunity to have each appliance externally controllable and, as much as possible, to have them — along with TVs and video game boxes — serve as surveillance instruments to monitor exactly what is going on inside people’s houses.

In the beginning, I would make it more expensive if anyone tried to opt out. And ultimately I would use “law enforcement” to…well, enforce installation of the devices on the homes of “dissidents,” or “insurgents.” If people notice the high fees and high levels of radiation being generated by these devices, or the destructive health effects and illegal “transmission” qualities of the instruments, I would need to take my tactics to the next level. If the resistance were significant, I would get around the health, freedom, trespassing, theft and extortion issues by simply pressuring the politicians and judges, that my banks and corporations control, to pass new legislation making it a crime to resist.

If I get enough installed quickly, in the US and around the world, I figure that the radiation, in concert with the fluoride, MSG, Aspartame, mercury, pesticides, and chemtrails will render the masses docile, sick and weak enough to be ineffective in standing up against my plan. And if not, at least I will be able to cut off energy from and raid the homes of anyone trying to buck my system. I will use my control of media and education to convince them it is “for the good of the group” and the environment.

New Documentary released Sept 5th

Now the worst scenario for me would be if people were to wake up and realize that they have the power to stop me, or if they were able to get true “new energy” technologies past my suppressors and out into the world, because people would be able to access electricity off my grid, off my meter, out of my control. In fact I would not have an excuse to track and control their energy use and it would undermine my oil, gas, coal and nuclear profits. If folks had plenty of clean energy and were saving all the money they now spend on energy, how would I convince them that they need to be under my control?

So if you haven’t already, please welcome your “free” installation of your Shrewd, er… I mean… “Smart” Meters today!

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“What makes the government think they can usher us into a totalitarian state?” 
— Foster Gamble

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