Friday, 28 June 2013

The Souls Journey

Near Life Experience

Imagine this.  A collection of Soul Aspects briefly visit the earth plane to check out a prospective foetus at around the time of the first heartbeat (between 21 and 28 days old).  The Soul Aspects do not stay around permanently however at this point.   

The Soul Aspects that form your consciousness made periodic visits to the prospective physical vehicle for some months before deciding whether or not to use that 'temporary home' in order to be birthed into the earth plane for a 'physical experience' in the 'Earth school'.  At the time the decision is made to fully enter the foetus, at around six months, the whole of the prospective life, from birth to death, has been planned out and fully agreed to.  The purpose of life is known and the choice of foetus is made accordingly.  In other words the lifestyle or culture is chosen with a great deal of forethought.  Nothing is left to chance.  Hence if the purpose is to overcome say, insecurity, then the Soul Aspects will most likely choose a baby that will experience insecurity early in life due to relationship break ups or early demise of parents. 

According to Dr Bruce Lipton in his book 'Biology of Belief' the cumulative beliefs, decisions, thoughts and feelings that the parents experienced up to 2 weeks prior to conception, are imprinted in the foetal memory banks and form the basis of its life experience.   

In the early part of the fourth week, the embryo is just visible to the eye because it is just a little smaller than a kernel of wheat.  Yet it looks more reptilian than human.  

By the 9th week a tiny human form is discernable.

9 weeks old

So maybe you'd like to ask yourself  'who am I?'  Who am I really?  

So now you have a better understanding of who you are maybe you would like to ask yourself  "For what purpose am I here on earth at this time?"

Each person has a Life Purpose and a World Service task they wish to contribute.  Life Purpose is a personal karmic journey and World Service is how you, as a 'single cell in the body of humanity' can assist in healing and evolving humanity.


Many people are keen to understand and know their Life Purpose and a great deal of my work these days is in this context.  Usually people incarnate with either 3 or 4 soul lessons they wish to transcend.  All of life's choices are linked to these lessons and the thread can be easily traced backwards when the lessons have been identified.  

For example someone who wishes to transcend insecurity will usually choose a parent who will abandon them at an early age so their insecurity will be triggered.  In hindsight this can be seen as an opportunity for the insecurity to be 'identified by the inner witness'.  

Someone who is here to learn to trust themselves and others will often make a sacred contract with another soul who agrees to be the betrayer.  

Those who wish to help others will learn to balance over responsibility for others by choosing a co-dependent relationship with a needy addict (gambler, drinker, user, sex addict, abuser) who needs an enabler in order to continue the addiction.  

Those who are here to transcend self doubt will notice how all their experiences showed them just how much they handed their power over to others by looking for advice outside of themselves about what to do or how to behave.

Some people view past choices or wrong decisions as 'bad', however there are never any really wrong actions because as long as we learn from our experiences then we win.  Years after personal disaster or trauma we can look back and see the silver lining on that particular cloud. In my own case I bless my ex husbands bankruptcy because it caused me to seek a more spiritually fulfilling life and lead me to my true purpose of helping others by facilitating healing through metaphysical means.  

When you are fulfilling your true purpose you will feel joy, passion, accomplishment and trust.  The further you stray from your true mission there will be confusion, chaos, illness, lack of clarity and anxiety.  This is your Higher Self's attempts to get you back on track! 

If you feel completely “stressed out” and “at the end of your rope”, then may I suggest you look back to a point just before this feeling started to become chronic in your life, and examine what choices and decisions you made at that time. You will likely find that you made a choice in haste or in a reactionary state of anger, hurt, or such. These low-frequency emotional states often lead to making irrational choices that subsequently lead you in a direction that is off-purpose and out-of-alignment with the purpose of your Higher Self. High vibrationary states tell you that you are in the right place at the right time.

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