Friday, 14 December 2012

Becoming the Galactic Human

Since my last blog a month ago I have been wondering what I can possibly say at this point in human history that would be meaningful.  Here we are a few days after 12.12.2012 the Gateway to the next 13,000 year cycle here on Earth.  On December 21st, the Solstice, we will be on the Threshold of the Golden Age of Truth.  Finally we will leave behind 13,000 years of the progressive reduction in consciousness.  A downward journey of humanity which culminated in the last 2,000 years, a period since called, the Age of Destruction.

Humanity up to 13,000 years ago lived in 5th dimensional consciousness.  We are about to return to that awareness once again.  Our imagined separateness, our egoic controlling natures, our insecurity, are products of this reduction of consciousness.  We are about to reclaim what we lost so long ago.  The Mayans understood this concept and created the Mayan Calendar to attempt to track the journey back to 5th dimensional 'galactic human' consciousness.  

The reason we 'fell in consciousness' 13,000 years ago was because humanity allowed technology controlled by the 'Dark side'  to overthrow the Light and Spiritual Evolution.  The Atlanteans were a very advanced race who found themselves spilt between those who wished to misuse energy through technology to control, enslave and abuse their fellow man and those who were truly working for the light and wished to empower humanity.  In the end Atlantis sank beneath a Tsunami of mammoth proportions.  Those working with the Light, had advance notice of this natural catastrophe and left Atlantis before the flood.  They established colonies in Central America, Greece, North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, India and Tibet, amongst others, in an attempt to preserve the teachings of truth.  We received a watered down version of these teachings.  Now we are about to be told the full truth.  The truth of our heritage and the truth about the nature of the Universe.  Anything that is not integrous, anything other than truth is being exposed.  Transparency will be the new normal.

The Mayan Calendar tracked the Ages - we are on the Threshold of the Age of Truth

I recently received the following channellings.  John Smallman is someone I have great admiration for.  He channels both Saul, known as Paul in the bible and Master Jesus.  The first channelling is from Saul and the second from Jesus.  These, I hope, will put into simple terms what is about to happen on Earth as Gaia ascends into 5th density and we go with her......these words are much more than relevant today than anything I could say

Message from Saul - To Awaken is like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders

by John Smallman 5th December 2012

As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons.  It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you now call consciousness, even that of the most consciously aware of you, will seem to have been an incredibly deep form of sleep, punctuated by occasional scarcely remembered dreams or nightmares.  To be fully awake in the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love is a wonder beyond description, and you are soon to experience that state permanently.

As the countdown to that moment proceeds apace, hold the desire and intent to bring humanity — your divine brothers and sisters — forward into that natural, awakened state which is your heritage and your eternal destiny.  Your collective intent is an essential part of the process.  You are setting the rate at which you travel the homeward path, and have been doing so since the journey started. Initially the pace was slow, unenthusiastic, and irregular, but over the last two or three centuries it has increased at a steady and relentless rate, and within the last two or three decades enormous acceleration has taken place bringing you to this moment of intense excitement as the end of your arduous journey comes into view.

To arrive at your divinely intended destination at precisely the moment that was planned when you made the decision to have an experience of separation from your Source is in itself quite wondrous.  Your Father’s Love for you, and His complete and utter understanding of you as one, and as individual aspects of that one, is truly astounding – but that is the Nature of God.  He has prepared for you a welcome that is to envelop you in His loving embrace and that will uplift you into an experience of ecstasy that is possible only within Him.

The illusion (of third dimensional reality -sic) will dissolve, leaving you totally naked, transparent, translucent, and transformed because you will have returned to your natural, divine state, at one with God, where nothing is hidden and where nothing ever needs to be hidden, because trust is absolute in this state of infinite and unconditional Love.

Meditation alone on the Solstice or in groups is recommended

The thought of such transparency may well alarm you now, but that is only because you have become so accustomed to the seemingly overwhelming necessity for secrecy and obscurement that the illusion has encouraged and maintained.  When you act individually, as separate disconnected beings, the world seems hostile and threatening because you do not know what another is thinking or what his motives may be, and because the suffering and betrayals you have experienced in that unfriendly environment have convinced you that those beliefs are essential survival skills that you must constantly re-evaluate and perfect.

To awaken is, among many other most wonderful sensations, like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders which had been pressing you down into the ground with relentless force and preventing you from really seeing, hearing, or in general being aware of, your environment.  This lack of transparency has caused you eons of fear, and has also engendered a deep fear of transparency itself.

That will all change when you awaken and realize what a wonder and what a joy it is to live without the grim, encloistered darkness that secrets and dissemblance produce.  What you are shortly to experience permanently is untold joy in a realm that is itself created from joy — because utter joy for all of creation is your Father’s Will.
With so very much love, Saul.

The Divine Feminine is Love and Wisdom.  The balancer for the Power and the Will of the Divine Masculine.  The feminine is returning and has been making herself felt more and more over the last two years especially.

Message from Master Jesus about the Beginning Times

through John Smallman

As you awaken, the fog will clear from your minds.
Many have talked of the End Times approaching, but you are really approaching the Beginning Times as a new age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all humanity comes into view. The satisfaction and contentment that you will experience, as all that could frighten, worry, or cause you any kind of suffering just dissolves, leaving absolutely no trace to disturb your constant state of sublime peace, is definitely something to which you can look forward. A New Age, for which you have been yearning, is about to dawn.
The Ouroboros - an ancient symbol of re-birth
As the short period remaining before you awaken winds down it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with. However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released. If you can remember it, then it needs to be released. Everyone has things that have been totally forgotten that could have been released, but if they are truly forgotten they are as good as already released and forgiven. It is just the small niggling things, which are occasionally retained because they give a person a sense of satisfaction, of being right, that now need to be released to clear your energy fields – that person who queue-barged, pinched your parking-spot, made an unwarranted and unkind remark – small seemingly insignificant momentary occurrences that you still remember. Let them go.

As the moment of your awakening approaches do not let the anticipation, the wondering about how it will all play out, distract you from holding your Light on high, and from intending that all become engaged with the divine energy field. This field is gathering together all the individual intentions to share compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love worldwide into itself, where a great intensification of that intent will occur so that no one will be able to remain unaware of its powerful presence influencing them with its enormous sense of peace, acceptance, and of course, Love.

Whenever you can, it is good to join together in groups to meditate at the same instant – you do not need to be physically present with one another as long as you have made the joint intent – to continue strengthening the awaking process for the planet herself and for all the sentient beings whose lives she supports. Intend that Love penetrate the hearts of those most forcefully opposed to the essential changes that are happening worldwide. It is very effective to do so, and some of them will most definitely have a change of heart, even at this late stage of your collective spiritual evolution because, with God, all things are possible.

The Light that shines out from so many of you and from the planet herself is extremely beautiful, and increases in brightness and intensity with each passing day, because the amount of time spent in prayer or in meditation all over the world has been increasing, as ever more of humanity feels the irresistible urge to develop their spiritual aspects. The loving intent that so many of you have been expressing, and which has helped you to align yourselves with the divine field of Love that surrounds Earth, has strengthened your integration with that field so that it effects everyone on the planet most positively.

The level of energy required to awaken you from your eons-long slumber has nearly been reached, and when it is achieved, as it very shortly will, it will be impossible for you to cling any longer to the state of sleep that has caused you so much suffering and confusion. As you awaken, the fog will clear from your minds; your vision, your awareness will become crystal clear, and you will have returned Home and into recognition of who you truly are: the perfect children of God/Creator, whose Love for you knows no bounds.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Group Meditation

Join me at 12 noon on 21.12.12

NB. other facilitators are hosting other times on the hour

Harness the power of this auspicious day…

We will be holding a 12 hour chain of meditation starting from 8am and ending at 8pm.  Everyone is welcome and can join at any time.  Every hour on the hour there will be a different meditation and facilitator.  Stay for as long or as short as you want.

Venue:  4 Dellingham Road, Constantia
Time:  8am till 8pm (join when you want and stay as long as you want)
Date:  Friday 21st December 2012
Cost:  On a donation basis - all money received will go to DARG (animal shelter) and St James children’s home.

A very short explanation of an amazing event ...

We have been moving from the Piscean into the Aquarian age for some time now.  Another explanation would be a time of change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension or from what has been called the Age of Destruction to the Age of Truth.
In a nutshell we have been, and now are at, a time in our Earth’s incarnation where power no longer dictates our pace.  We will not be seeing the end of the world but an end of the system of selfishness, separation, greed, hatred, lies and fear.  Over the next 17 – 23 years we, as humanity, will transform ourselves into a different species, where empathy, compassion, truth and love will prevail.

The 21.12.12 is a day for Ascension into this new space.  Again please realise that this is not the end of anything but the beginning of a new system of transformation into something much better.

Come and set a clear foundation for a new beginning.

Programme On Offer


08:00 - 09:00

Debbie Caknis
Guided Meditation - “The Transition”

09:00 - 10:00

Robyn Fergus
Kundalini Meditation to Open the Heart and Silent Meditation

10:00 - 11:00
Zoƫ Lory

Guided Angel Meditation - allow the angelic realm to ease the journey into the 5th dimension

11:00 - 12:00

Karen Barenche

Past Tense into Present Sense - rebirth and renewal with breath-work and chanting.

12:00 - 13:00
Rita Marr

Multi-dimensional Energy Balancing Meditation for easy Ascension

13:00 - 14:00

Liesel Naude
Meditation - “In the Heart of the Eye”

14:00 - 15:00

Karen Koen
Shamanic Journey - “Wolf Energy”

15:00 - 16:00

Patwant Kaur
Kundalini - Ra Ma Da Sa - Healing Circle

16:00 - 17:00
Meditation theme to be advised

17:00 - 18:00
Meditation theme to be advised

18:00 - 19:00

Holly Filday
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Meditation

19:00 - 20:00

Natalia Baker
“I am the peace that I am” - Meditation into Divine Presence

Directions to the Venue

Address:  4 Dellingham Road, Constantia

·         From Ladies Mile, turn off the motorway into Spaanschemat River Road.
·         Branch off right after the Waldorf School onto Klein Constantia Road.
·         First right into Croft Road and first left into Dellingham Road.

Please DO NOT park on the grass.

Looking forward to seeing you if you can join us - if you cannot make it please meditate whatever time you can that day and connect with kindred spirits on the Inner Planes.


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