Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Detox Density. Raise Your Vibration.

All human suffering stems from the difference between who a person perceives they are and who they really are. 

Egoic self into Authentic Self  
-  the ultimate Transformation.

All human suffering stems from the difference between who a person says they are and who they really are. This difference creates a tension that functions like a black hole, drawing in resonant people, places, events, circumstances and situations in an attempt to resolve the tension. This is the theme of the current universal age. The whole of the universe cannot be united until every individual part has integrated its own self. Therefore, during this age, we are all being asked to transform ourselves to a new higher order of increased harmony with the whole, by resolving the difference between our actual and potential selves.
To the degree that we self-generate this evolution, the easier it is to transform. However, when we don't choose to grow the machine of the universe will disassemble us through crisis. It is our job then to re-arrange ourselves into a higher level of order. This procedure of disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly is a technique used by the universe to ensure progressive evolution toward perfection. It is a process of transformation. (Read on to hear about my personal experience of disassembly!)

On the subject of transformation -just recently I have been asked on a number of occasions:

  1. How can I raise my vibration?' 
  2. How can I accelerate my transformation?
  3. What does 'Open my heart' really mean'?
  4. How can I prevent others stealing my energy or psychically attacking me?

When a number of people are dealing with the same issues at the same time it gets my attention.  The Solar flares of August and the energies coming to earth as a result, plus the planetary alignments, were prompting us to forgive others through emanating compassion from our hearts. So the client's issues were all related to inner promptings brought about by the Universal Mind's design to encourage change.

In my many years of experience coaching and facilitating change in others I have come to realise that there are ten main reasons why individuals get frustrated at their seeming inability to raise their vibration in order to evolve easily or to manifest what they want in their lives.  I will cover each in turn.

1. Limiting Beliefs 

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

How many beliefs do you have that limit you?  Often one core belief forms the foundation for many other satellite beliefs.  In letting go of the core belief all the beliefs attached to that core release.
Here are a few commonly held core beliefs:-

I’'m not worthy
I have to fear abandonment
I have to fear change
I have to fear letting go
I should Fear Failure
I should Fear Success
I have to fear being rejected
I fear trusting myself (and/or others)
I Fear the Opening of my heart (it will make me vulnerable)
Fear of getting it wrong/making a mistake
Asking for help is a sign of weakness
Self denial
I must fear surrendering
I'm not good enough

Any of these are very easy to release when you know how. Ten minutes is the usual length of time it takes when I facilitate the process. BJ from JHB recently said to me : I have had such amazing changes – physically and emotionally now that I have let go of that old belief.  Now I truly feel I love and trust myself. 

2. Negative emotional associations 

Releasing Negative emotions in 10 minutes using Time Line Therapy(reg)

What negative emotions come up most frequently in your life?  Any of the above.
Or others such as Bitterness?  Anger?  Hurt?  Resentment?  Anxiety?  Some other feeling? 

Negative emotions always have a root cause, a first time they were experienced.  We build on that experience creating a chain of events each with its attendant emotion.  Eventually the last link in the chain represents the sum total of all the times we have felt that emotion.  When this link is triggered we over-react.  We say "I don't know what came over me".  Well, all the past experience of that emotion came over you.  And it will keep coming over you unless you release it all from the first time to the present.

I can assist you release any negative emotions easily and quickly - in fact it takes less than 10 minutes. Surprised?      Here's what AP from JHB experienced : 

Thank you for yesterday's session Rita.  I really needed to let go of all that.  I felt I could trust in you and in the process and that's the first time I have trusted anyone in a long time. 

3. Energetic blocks or problems

Our multi dimensional selves have chakras within and without the physical 

Releasing Energy blocks 

When I scan people's energy systems I find blocks related to past events in their lives that are affecting them in present time.  Blocks for example can effect how their Creative energy flows into and around the system. I also detect issues around Identity that are causing limited flow of energy.  How can we create what we want in or lives if we don't have clarity about who we truly are.  Often the person lacks full grounding and this can cause lack of self belief and lack of inner strength.

Energy blocks are like time bombs ticking away within.  If they do go off we can experience, at worst, a physical health problem,  or an emotional breakdown or simply a feeling of stuckness, unable to move forward.  All blocks are easily identified then easily released in minutes using my help with the Power of Two process together with haric re-connection.

Thank you so much for your assistance once again Rita. I very much enjoy my sessions with you - I really feel the benefit in my life of keeping my energy in balance. MB London.

4. Psychic Attack or psychic attachments

Psychic Release Work - real stories

My first experience of a client with a psychic attachment was in 1996.  She had been away on holiday to Belgium and stayed in an hotel housed in a very old building.  She had very disturbed nights whilst there complete with strange dreams of a man trying to wake her up.  These continued on returning home.  As this was a rather disturbing experience she came to me for help. I discovered the spirit of a man who had died in a fire was attached to her energetically.  It seemed that the hotel had been created after the renovation of the original building which had burnt down during the war.   The spirit had 'attached' himself to my client in an attempt to get her attention.  He was trapped in his own death scene and wanted to free himself.  He believed she could help him because she could 'sense his presence' so he came home with her.  It was only a few days after returning home that she contacted me.  In just a few minutes I performed the psychic release that enabled him to go to his rightful place in the afterlife so he could heal and re-connect fully with his soul.  So our dearly departed friend did get the help he needed.  

I have also worked with people who have been the subject of negative influence from what I call Low Level Entities.  These are elementals or disembodied aspects of consciousness that seek to influence their hosts in a self gratifying way whilst harming the host.  Sometimes the host may find themselves behaving strangely, drinking more alcohol than usual, taking more recreational drugs, or eating unusual foods.  Often their behaviour is affected and they have mood swings or feelings that are often described as 'I just don't feel like my usual self'.

One client had bought a holiday cottage and every time she slept there developed a migraine, something she had never before experienced.  When I tuned into the house I discovered and earth Bound Spirit as I call them. This one was the Spirit of the old man who had built the house (his dream home), but who soon after had died in hospital, after which his family had sold his home to my client.  The man couldn't understand why some stranger was 'sleeping in his home' and was metaphysically hitting her over the head to get her to go away.  After the psychic release the migraines stopped and the energy of the cottage changed.

Sometimes people consciously or un-consciously send negative energy to others which can slow down evolution and cause energetic blocks in the recipient.

All this type of influence can be easily released using a process motivated and guided by unconditional love rather than any kind of exorcism.

5. Inner Child Issues

Freeing Your Inner Child

Let's firstly define the Inner Child:
The Inner Child is the  part of the self that, in most cases, was wounded at an early age (before 7 or 8 years) and who reacted by withdrawing, becoming angry, fearful or distrustful, hence losing part of it’s innate connection with the Divine.

Identifying and healing the Wounded Inner Child naturally unmasks the ‘Divine Child’ who has been waiting untouched and whole all along.   The Divine Child has surrendered to the will of the Divine.  The Divine Child is one who walks the path of innocence and trust, poised in the present moment, without the need to ‘know’.

Go forth with the innocence and joy of the Golden Child within.  Your Authentic Self is The Golden liquid of love from the father.  The Divine Child is the God energy within the heart.  The Christ Consciousness.    Kuthumi
Healing the Wounded Child within is simple yet it is often overlooked 

I remember the special moment I first connected with my inner child and had the chance to thank her and tell her how I appreciated all she had been through in childhood on my behalf.  From the moment she revealed herself to me my attitude and perceptions changed for the better. It felt as if we had created a special partnership - she was to allow me to re-connect with the world of my childhood - one of no limitations, only endless possibilities. One not restricted by the confines of the limited imagination of the adult.  I told her I wanted to be in a sense, a parent to her, as it was apparent that she had perceived an inability to connect with our physical parents.  I would hold her hand and re-assure her, enable a sense of safety and security when she mistakenly ‘misperceived’ danger in situations which could cause her to feel fearful (Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of getting it wrong) due to a natural ‘child-like’ immaturity. It was as if she had been stuck in a time warp.  I had grown up and left her behind.  I went back and rescued her.

I have noticed that the The Wounded Child is a self perpetuating cycle.  It can be passed down to our children.  We can stop that by healing ourselves before, or after, our own children are born. I find that only people who have integrated their own Inner Children are able to assist others to integrate theirs.

I had an experience with a client of 6 years old who was struggling with an issue because his father's inner child was so dreadfully wounded.  I explained to the Father than he needed to heal his own child in order to pave the way for his son to heal (who was presenting with the same issue as the father)  but unfortunately the adult was unable to accept my message at that time, he wasn't ready to change. 

6. Karmic pre-dispositions

Karmic Release

There are a number of karmic issues that we each came in to transcend.  Often these issues relate to some deep fears that we are not always consciously aware of.  As you may know whatever we fear we attract to ourselves.  What ever we attract has the potential to teach us something important that we need to learn and then transcend, our karmic lessons.   Here are a few typical karmic issues:-

Fear of failing in my responsibility
Fear of putting myself first
Fear that life has no meaning 
Fear of moving forward
Fear of not being perfect
Fear of the dark
Fear of the darkness in others
Fear of persecution for my beliefs
Self Doubt
Fear of Betrayal
Fear of being controlled
Fear of not being in control
Lack of trust in my own heart mind

I helped a young child who was reconnecting with a past life experience in her 'dreams' and it was causing her and her parents a lot of angst.  I saw her for one hour and here's what her mother wrote to me:  My daughter has been amazing since her session with you. No more incidences while she is sleeping and completely brave when she wakes up and finds herself alone. The fear that caused the shouting for me has instantly stopped!!! It's truly incredible.

7. Ignorance of one's Higher Purpose/Life Purpose or World Service

Discovering your Life Purpose and World Service

I define Life Purpose as a personal agenda as set out by the Soul prior to incarnation.  World Service is your unique role as a cell in the body of humanity.  What role have you specifically chosen at a Soul level to help the collective?   When our Soul has chosen a certain route it is important that we strive to follow it.  I have come across many occasions where the Higher Self has manipulated events in order to have the personality re-evaluate their lives.  For example accidents, losses or forced change, are often the Higher Self's way of re-directing us.

My own experience of disassembly was in 1990.  My then husband lost his business and as he had double-bonded (re-mortgaged) our home to inject funds into the business we eventually lost that too. The car was re-possessed. I lost my job too as I worked in the business.  Even though I got another job I couldn't earn enough to pay our way so to supplement our income I took to selling our unnecessary belongings at car boot sales.  Looking back now I am grateful for the experience because it caused me to re-assess my life and what I wanted to do.  I started searching for meaning and in the process began my own spiritual journey.

Here's a client's experience :
Thank you for the Life Purpose Reading Rita. I am feeling very well given my separation last weekend from my partner of 20 years. On leaving your practice I felt a sense of completing something and positive well-being. This state of mind/being has remained with me so far and I thank you  for facilitating this important step for me. You have directly assessed and helped me with something I have been trying to resolve for the last 3 years since I have put a name to my disconnectedness. I feel as if I am being prepared for something..... life is so amazing!! BL Cape Town

8. Use of the wrong decision making strategy

Implementing the Right Decision Making Strategy

You may be surprised to discover that your decision making strategy is designed by your Soul.  If you use the wrong strategy you limit yourself dramatically. There are 5 different decision making strategies that we choose at a Soul level before we incarnate.  It is important that we know which of these routes we have chosen.  I can advise you which strategy you have been designed to use.  If you live your life in conflict with that route you limit yourself.  If for example you are designed to be 'responsive' yet you tend to utilise a 'manifestive' strategy, you can create conflicts and limitations.

I can explain this in detail and advise you on how to change your decision making process in order to attract the abundance that is rightfully yours.

9. Higher Self Connection - your own Inner Teacher & Guide

There is one action you can take that is paramount.  That is to develop your Connection with your Higher Self.
The HS is an energetic form that is sent forth by the Monad in order to communicate between the personality self and the soul and monadic selves.  The HS has great wisdom, is an excellent Guide and is totally trustworthy in that it knows your potential futures and can therefore assist you in myriad ways. However it will never over-ride your free will.
The majority of people are unaware of their own HS as an inner teacher and therefore do not use this resource to its full potential.  I like to think of my HS as my own Wizard.

Have your Egoic self Invite your Higher Self to guide your life.

If you would like to connect with your Higher Self yet doubt your ability, or are unsure whether you are connecting or not,  I can take you through a process that I've been using since 1998 that guarantees a strong connection within minutes.

10. Acknowledge the Divine Source however you perceive that to be. 

Without belief in a higher intelligence that has conceived and created our Universe and without realising the connectedness of all beings, we stay stuck in our egoic separated selves.
When the Source sends forth some of its own particles to create a Monad (the Soul's Soul) in order to 'experience' and expand,  a tiny seed of the monadic aspect stays within the source.  In turn the Monad sends forth some particles of itself to create many souls whilst retaining a strong connection with each one.  Those souls incarnate into physical bodies.

By the very nature of this process it means that we are directly connected to Source.  It is important that we both acknowledge this connection and use it for evolution.  Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Source does listen to our requests and does reply.   Sometimes we are just not tuned into the right wavelength to receive or hear.

In conclusion

I found it difficult to imagine the comparison between my Authentic Self and my Personality Self until I came across the following analogy:

Compare your little finger nail's size to the rest of your body.  Your physical self is like that finger nail in comparison to your authentic self, your angelic self, your wholeness.  

We are gods and goddesses, we are the angels, we are spiritual beings having a human experience in order to learn and grow. We are already enlightened and perfect.  The veils that hide that truth can be released one by one. Each negative emotion, each limiting belief, each energetic problem is a veil.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming as a path to enlightenment

Neuro Linguistic Programming may seem like an unlikely path to enlightenment - yet it is!

I was thinking about my own journey, which began in 1990, pondering which teachings, practices and philosophies had most accelerated my own evolution and I realised what a large part NLP had played.  I was first introduced to the NLP model of how the mind works in 1997 and spent two years training to become a Certified Trainer of NLP because I was so thrilled, at last, to have a simple solution to bringing about change instantly at an unconscious level.

NLP enables you to change your perception of your environment,
chose how to respond or behave, learn new empowering skills, release limiting beliefs,
live a fulfilling life according to your deeply held values,  discover your true authentic self
and stand in your own power through tapping into your spiritual nature.

NLP over the years has become more and more well known and most people have at least heard of it, even if they are not sure what it is exactly.
I teach NLP these days to small select groups of Lightworkers who wish to use the skills for themselves, their families and professionally.
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NLP helps you change at an unconscious level easily, instantly and permanently.

Would you like to Learn 
Powerful Effective skills to 
change your perceptions and behaviours?

NLP is a science on the cutting edge of today’s communication technology.

We now know how we think, communicate and process emotion.  

If you know how that happens you have choices about what you think, what you communicate to others and what you feel.

You can discover new ways to help yourself and others to :
  • Attract the right relationships 
  • Create opportunities
  • Make more money
  • Increase motivation and energy
  • Create your desired self image
  • Gain total control of your life
  • Get the results you want
  • Release self imposed limiting beliefs and other blocks
  • Remove obstacles to success
  • Reduce conflict
  • Enhance communication
  • Read body language
  • Be more decisive
  • Find it easier to accept others
  • Disconnect the power of past negative experiences
  • Break unwanted habits
  • Release fear
  • Think laterally
  • Enhance your consciousness levels

 "Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen .....
the trick is to feel good for no reason"
Richard Bandler one of the Founders of NLP

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