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Crop Circles aid consciousness shifts

Temporary Temples

June, July and August in the Northern Hemisphere are months of high activity as far as the creation of Crop Circles (also known as Temporary Temples) are concerned.  

Whilst crop circle pictograms are reported worldwide, particularly in Canada, Germany, USA, Norway and Italy, a veritable plethora of circles (usually between 50 to 60) is found in England in the Wiltshire area every year.  This is because it is a very suitable environment for a number of reasons:- 
  • It is a cereal crop farming area planted with wheat, barley, oats and rapeseed which are ideal high stemmed plants to work with. 
  • There are many ancient sacred sites which date back to Atlantean times  
  • A well populated area yet largely agricultural ensures that almost all the pictograms are discovered quickly after they are laid down in the growing crop
  • The energies in the area are also conducive.  For two reasons.  There is a strong presence of telluric energies (vibrations which emanate from the core of the Earth herself), which are utilised to create the phenomena. And
  • The area was popular with the Druids who worked with energy there over long periods of time and this positive Druidic consciousness still remains held in the area.   This consciousness is utilised to bring forth these patterns. 
  • Some have said that Wiltshire is the location of a huge energy vortex, effectively a Light Portal, which makes communication from outer planetary areas relatively easy.

Woodborough Hill Wiltshire 9th June 2012 - 
the buildings in the background help with context and scale
Size of the pictograms varies from a few feet across to over 1000 feet in diameter or length. They are incredible works of art. Most of the crop circles are formed within a few minutes and the majority during hours of darkness.  The method of creation is, “The Sound of Light, with the flow of air”. 

My own experience

I had the fortunate experience of being able to enter into, then stay to meditate,  in a freshly made circle in 2000, it was an amazing experience.  The energy was so strong that I had to leave after 30 mins due to extreme pressure in the head. 

Close up of a centre swirl
The stalks of the crop were literally bent over about 2-3 cms above ground level and lay over one another interlaced in complex vortices.  

It would be impossible to create such a layout mechanically.   

Seeds enhanced

It has been proved that the seeds are enhanced by the 'energetic intervention' which is thought to be a kind of micro wave that softens the stalks so they bend rather than break.  They are unharmed by the movement, continue growing and can be harvested when ripe. Farmers do not lose any yield from the crop.  Indeed some farmers charge people a fee to enter their property to view the pictogram so are rewarded in that way.  Usually the circles appear within a few days of harvest time so you have to be quick to photograph or visit them.

Crop Circles and the Awakening of Humanity

Enlightened beings from Arcturus and Andromeda claim to be the creators of the circles.  Their intention is to help support changing human consciousness.  When we humans look at the visual creations they 'non verbally speak' to our unconscious minds.  Some of the images are symbolic, others mathematical formulae, still more astronomical maps, others beautiful mesmerising mandalas, and some geometric shapes and designs.  
There have been many hundreds of circles created since 1990, which is when people started to take notice and photograph them.  Each one has contributed to the uplifting of human consciousness.  There is a recorded mention of crop circles in England in the 1600's.
One of my favourites
Liddington Castle on June 2 a couple of years ago

The Arcturians have stated that they agreed a long time ago that part of their contribution to humanity would be to bring forth these patterns, that would assist the uplifting of the vibration of humanity and this, they say, is done in three ways. 

  1. The visual pattern.
  2. The energy that the pattern contains.
  3. The impact upon the grain from these circles, because the grain is altered in a positive way by the energies that come forth to create them.  

The plants grow more strongly and they carry a much higher vibration.  If the seeds from within a circle are re-planted the crop the following year will carry a higher vibration.  Indeed the plants themselves create a sacred space in the growing area that is ideal for meditation or prayer because of the high vibration

Also food which is created using the grains and the leaves from these plants will deliver a higher vibration and, in a sense, better nutrition to the body. 
So there are several elements to these patterns, and their purpose is to assist with the awakening of humanity and uplift the vibration of the human physical body.

Travellers in Light ships

Light Beings who create the crop circles come to Earth in Light Vehicles, which are materially different from the typical UFO made of physical matter.
During the formation of the crop circles, light is generated in the area, but as it is not a particularly intense light by the time people realise something is happening, the circle is already complete.

Energising the Portals of Light to support Mother Earth

An important part of this movement of changing Earth and human consciousness, is linked to energising the Portals of Light around the world. Therefore, the greater the number of people who visit these sites, with full conscious awareness of what they are doing, the smoother future Earth changes are likely to be. 

We are all capable of playing our part in the upliftment of the body of humanity, because, we are as individuals a single cell in humanity's body.  Being conscious and acting from the basis of unconditional love will make a vast difference. Visiting sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury support the Earth, and all upon her, in ways we are as yet unable to fully comprehend. Suffice it to say, that the Light Beings express gratitude to all who are prepared to take part in the unfolding of this important Earth work at this time by paying attention to the images and allowing them to penetrate their psyche by visiting them, either in photo format, or in person. We all benefit from these efforts.

Predictive Pictogram

Here is a 'predictive' crop circle that was laid down in July 2008 at Avebury Manor in England. This pattern depicted the solar system as it would be at the 2012 Solstice December 21st to 23rd. The yellow words have been added by way of explanation.

Multi seed heads and stems
from one root

Enhanced Growth

A handful of wheat seeds collected by Kris Sherwood from a pictogram that appeared near Lichfield in 1995 was planted the following year and surprisingly produced multiple stems and seed heads off one main stem.  One stem generated 4 more whilst another created six individually attached stems with seed heads!  If this effect could be duplicated then higher yields in smaller fields could perhaps feed the world and preserve the environment!

William Levengood, a researcher for the agricultural seed industry, has detected some unusual anatomical anomalies in connection with both the soil and the crops of the circles.  Definite demonstrable changes occur at molecular and cellular levels and include specific changes to the nodal points of wheat and barley stems, which are seen to rupture or bend from the inside outwards.

Soil samples collected show unusual changes.  Crystalline formations and even microscopic nodules of meteoritic iron, have been found.  Some say this may be suggestive of a strange atmospheric effect at work. Others use the evidence as a link to other worldly intervention. 

A foray into the world of crop circles will enlighten, enchant and fascinate you in more ways that you can imagine.  The Circles have become symbolic of the process of the death of the old Age and birth of the New Age. 

View the wondrous art of the Light Beings from Arcturus and elsewhere by visiting the websites below. It is well worth the effort

Steve Alexander's photos

I can thoroughly recommend a Beautiful book 
Crop Circles Signs, Wonders and Mysteries 
by Steve and Karen Alexander.  
I was fortunate to receive this as a gift and will treasure it.


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