Monday, 23 April 2012

Solar Winds & Flares

Greetings and Namaste

Here we are a month after the Equinox and two days after the New Moon.  The New Moon is a time of new beginnings.  So any new projects in mind? Good time to begin creating.  May 5th brings the full Moon.  Meanwhile of course there have been huge solar tornadoes filmed swirling deep inside the solar corona (the sun's superheated atmosphere). These solar monsters, measuring the width of several Earths and swirling at speeds of up to 300,000 kilometer (190,000 miles) per hour, aren't only fascinating structures; they also trigger violent magnetic eruptions that can effect our planet and us.

Solar Winds and Flares

Have you been feeling extremely irritable, more short tempered than usual?  Or experiencing poor memory or poor cognitive function? 

Well there is a very real reason why you're feeling that way and its to do with the Sun's activity that we are hearing so much about.

Literally the magnetic field of the human body is being twisted, contorted, as indeed is the magnetic field of the Earth. The solar winds are directly responsible for this.  The result: increased emotional volatility and irrational behaviour.  Irritability for no apparent reason and sleep disturbances. 

As Earth is located within the auric field of the Sun so the solar flares affect the Earth and hence her inhabitants. The solar winds drive particles through Earth’s vicinity which affect us physically and etherically.  Whilst these particles pose a challenge on a physical level they constitute a type of nourishment on an etheric level.  So the best action plan is to stop all resistance and open yourself up to receiving the ascension support that these particles represent.  Invite them into your Ka body (also known as your etheric body) to strengthen it, increase its vibration and accelerate ascension.
There is a Central Sun in our Solar System that is positioned 'behind' our Sun. Its actually located in the Pleiadian system.  This Central Sun, known as Alcyone, is originating the solar activity that is causing this heightened solar storm phase. Our own Sun then transmits on to us Alcyone's highly catalytic energies to assist our evolution.  The Earth’s Ka Body is also assisted to evolve in this way.  Alcyone is believed to have been the original sun created to enable our solar system to be born.  Every solar system needs a central sun around which to form.  Alcyone can be likened to a parental spirit.   The parent that encourages the children to grow. The ancient Sun worshippers were honouring Alcyone. 

So surrendering and letting go of all possible resistance to change is the solution to a calmer life as the solar storms gather in intensity.  The ultimate positive intention behind the solar activity is to force us to change.  So the more we resist the more difficult we will find life to be.

What is death to the caterpillar to the master is re-birth

Medicine of Light

According to the Hathors (channelled by Tom Kenyon - see previous posts) there is something you can do to help yourself weather these storms as it were.  You can soothe your physical body through the use of the water element.  You can make a Medicine of Light to promote a graceful, calm, efficient and easy adjustment in yourself to the erratic yet ultimately beneficial nature of the current solar energies.

Simply hold a glass in your hands, containing a small amount of water.  Ensure your Hara Line is in alignment, then think of something you can feel genuine appreciation and gratitude for (to create a state of gratitude in your entire being),  then say :-
"I ask my I Am Presence to place into this water a vibration that will enable me to be an energy attractor.  I wish my Ka body to be a receptive vortex drawing photonic and magnetic Sun energy into my being to rapidly accelerate the vibrationary rate of my Ka body.   It is my choice to evolve. I wish to let go of the old world I have known.  I choose to surrender all limitations, negative thinking, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I open myself up to the Solar Wind of change".
It is best you drink this water nightly before sleep until you are feeling more emotionally balanced. I've actually done this myself and highly recommend you take the trouble to make your own light medicine.  It helped me sleep more restfully and I felt emotionally more balanced and centred as quickly as by the next morning.

As it is through the Ka Body (your nearest to physical spiritual body) that you enter the Ascension process.  Raising the vibrationary rate of your Ka body provides the foundation for ascension.

We are standing in a great storm of change but we can survive and thrive, if we take the opportunity to do so.

Support for the Heart

The human Heart is suffering from the toxic nature of the planet’s emotional atmosphere.  Yes, our thoughts and negative emotions are causing more problems than any environmental pollution!  Tensions between dualistic polarities are heightening.  Polarisation between those who would imprison, versus those who would free, the human spirit is becoming clearer.  (Read my previous post about the White Hats v The Black Hats).

The freedom of the human spirit, mind and heart, resides beyond duality.  Those with a 5 in their numbers are hopefully rising to the challenge.  The number Five influence is described in the words 'Freedom and Discipline'. 

When 5's are working in the positive they use their multi-faceted talents in a focused way. They apply self discipline to achieve independence. When working in the negative however they swing from extreme dependence to independence. They are easily scattered.  They try to do too much. They may bluff and pretend.  5's make the best explorers because they seek adventure outside of themselves often unaware that the greatest adventure stems from going within and making the journey to freedom through self mastery.  That is freeing themselves from fear and limitations.  

5's also make the best dependents until they mature from melodrama to astuteness and self-reliance. The true freedom they seek is Inner Freedom nothing to do with free license or selfishness.  5's fear boredom. They are generally a 'jack of all trades master of none'.  Their challenge is to focus and stay that way on the one thing that will bring them what they seek. Freedom from fear and limitation.

Want to know if you have 5 in your numbers? Add up all the numbers of your DOB.  If the total is 14, 41, 23 or 32 then you are a 5 because each of these 2 sets of numbers added together makes 5.  (ie. 25.06.1945 = 32  3+2=5)

If you are a 5 and are struggling please do contact me to ask for assistance.

Evolve or devolve - its your choice.

Remember the old adage.....
When things are going well count your blessings.  
When things are going badly count them twice.   

The energies of gratitude and appreciation act like salves for the body on all levels.  Think about the small things you are grateful for right now.  Repeat the attitude of gratitude regularly to help yourself ride the ascension waves.

Isn't this just the cutest photo? Here's the story....

"The Rescuing Hug" - these premature twins were in separate incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse placed the babies side by side in the same incubator and once they were together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller, sick baby's heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.... Wow :) The power of human contact.

We are moving 
from a culture of 'ME' 
to a culture of 'WE'.

I heard this phrase the other day and felt it was such a succinct way of describing of the shift of the Ages.  Just think about it!  The big message of the shift is that there is no separateness.  None.  We are all connected.  The Central Sun is manipulating our auric field!  The Moon's phases affect both the Earth Mother's body, by driving the tidal motion, and the body's internal water (emotions).  It is a well known fact that Emergency Rooms are busier on the night of the full moon because emotions run high. 

In truth there is only consciousness. 

 Consciousness is the soup in which we all have our being.  There is nothing else.  We perceive separateness yet it is an illusion.  

Remember the old saying:  
Trying to describe consciousness is like asking the fish to describe the water in which it swims.  
Consciousness.  Unity.  Impossible to understand at a third dimensional, dualistic, egoic level.  Nevertheless consciousness is all there is. 

I recently attended yoga sessions lead by Mansoor, a very special teacher from India.  Mansoor's message is very simple.  He began by telling of his near death experience due to a stroke.   He said he suddenly found himself consciously aware of being himself yet completely separated from his physical body.  He was aware of the earth very far away.  He was aware he was 'thinking'.  Yet there was nothing there.  He, as he was used to knowing himself, was not there. 
The message Mansoor wants to share is that there is no ‘I’.  Because of that there is life after the physical death of the body.  The body is just a temporary vehicle.  When we are done with it we can leave it behind.  Eternal life is a fact at the level of consciousness we have when we are discarnate, rather than incarnate.    His NDE  led him to enlightenment even though his physical body suffered dreadfully and he is still recovering his health. 
After the class he invited questions.  It was so amusing to realise that as soon as we phrased a question we found ourselves very much back in the limited perception of the body.  Very aware of the illusionary ‘I’.    I could not speak without using the word ‘I’.  In fact I used it repeatedly as I attempted to ask my question.  We laughed so much at the realisation that it was so difficult to get out of 'I' into the connectedness of the whole and still feel the question was important!  

The lesson was a profound one.  When one is connected to everything else all the answers lie within - the Higher Self brings forth truth - just silently ask and listen for the answer.

Blessings till next time