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Ascension, Sophia, Reconnection to Divine Self

Greetings and Namaste to all my Readers

Well since we last connected you have had a number of consciousness shifts. So you are a very different person as you read this than you were when you read my August News published 20th August. We were then in the midst of the 5th Night and since then we have moved through the 6th day at the end of August and are now in the 6th Night. You have been affected by the energies of 3 consciousness shifts in around a month.

What have you been experiencing?
Please write and tell me or post a comment so everyone can share with you.
Let’s share and support each other because, as they say, there is comfort and safety in numbers!

Certainly many people have been pushed hard to begin to release self doubt and Insecurity.

"As Above, So Below'

The Universe has also been pushing us to let go of those people and circumstances that no longer serve us. Have you wanted to cut your hair? Change your image? Buy new clothes? Change the furniture around? Clean out the garage? Sell old stuff on Gumtree? Change is the keyword of the month. ‘As above, so below’ is playing out. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm. You may find yourself motivated to reflect your internal changes in your external world.

So the four main themes for this months News are :-

  • What specifically is Ascension?
  • What or who is Sophia?
  • The importance of Opening the Heart and reconnecting to your Divine Self
  • What astrological influences are we currently experiencing


I decided to shorten and edit this article written by Channel Karen Danrich in 1997 because The Ascended Masters have explained the Ascension process so simply and so well. It's also interesting to see how the predictions have played out and how relevant the information is right now in 2011.

Attaining The State of The Christ

Lord Metatron, Lord Averil (Sai Baba) and Lord Sananda dedicate this information to those who are in the process of attaining the state of the "Christ" or embodying the frequency of unconditional love.

Nothing within all of creation is perfect. Nor is any Master or being on any plane of reality beyond some level of distortion. It is human nature to see the Masters as perfect. All of the problems on Earth exist throughout creation in some form. As you on Earth heal and embrace unconditional love in all areas of both the individual and collective consicousness, so do we.
In becoming "Christed", one embodies unconditional love.
What does this really mean? It means that you will view yourself as equal to anything and everything within all of creation, whether it be a Master on the nonphysical plane, or a Guru on the physical plane, or someone stuck in third dimensional thought-form. As you accept and have compassion for your own seeming imperfections, you will have compassion for the imperfections of others.
There has been much written about the process of Physical Ascension and the building of the "Light-Body". It is our desire to give a brief synopsis for those readers who are not familiar with this process.
The process of Ascension is constructed by a series of tests or "Spiritual Initiations" that must be passed, and as each initiation is passed, the initiate embodies a slightly higher vibration. In order to embody a higher vibration, the process of Ascension also involves a gradual cellular detoxifying of fear based patterning. Nutritional detoxification programs can also impact Ascension and speed up the process, but are not an absolute requirement.
The scientists and medical community of tomorrow will document these changes in detail in the years to come. The crystalline cell has a cell wall that is coated in a lipid compound, i.e. body fat. Body fat holds a higher vibration. Many channels and healers wonder why they gain weight as they begin their healing career. It is simply because body fat allows them to work with the higher vibrations necessary to heal or channel.
Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy.
Human civilization has become enamored with being "thin" and believe that "thin is healthy". We would like to allow our readership to embrace a new perspective. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist mother earth in holding her vibration.
In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration. It also makes the extra layers of fat that lie under the skin an unnecessity. Once completing her crystalline conversion, our channel discovered that she only needed 3% of her body fat distributed under the skin to hold her vibration. The crystalline cell is permeable allowing for easier intracellular communication. In current human form, communication between cells is accomplished through "Osmosis" where molecules slip between molecules of the cell wall into the cell itself.
In the crystalline cell, the cell walls can dissolve and reconstruct themselves as needed. The crystalline cellular structure also allows the entire human organism to act as a whole unified structure rather than a multicelled organism. A unified structure is a necessary requirement for transfiguration, inter-dimensional travel or teleportation from one location to another on the face of the globe.
The crystalline cell does not die, but rather, rejuvenates itself. In current human form, cells are continuously replaced. The continued cell die-off collects in the arteries and within the intestinal tract leading to hardening of the arteries, aging, and death. Crystalline form allows for the experience of immortality and an ageless existence.
Bacteria and Viruses have a different purpose within the Crystalline structure. Each virus or bacteria plays a particular roll to the health and well being of the crystalline form. During her conversion process, our channel experienced outbreaks of a variety of viruses that erupted in the form of hives, bronchitis, diarrhea, and the temporary resurfacing of a auto- immune problem that she had experienced earlier in her lifetime.
Viruses tend to hide within the cells of the body. In our channel's experience, each virus resurfaced in order to be converted to it's new purpose or blueprint. For example, our channel learned that the herpes virus within her body received the blueprint for the purpose of intercellular communication within the crystalline structure.
We share this information for those who will be undergoing this process so that they can understand that the discomforts during the conversion process are only temporary, and that the conversion leads to the reality of an illness-free existence.
Lastly, the nervous system within the crystalline form runs on melatonin. Our current human form utilizes epinephrin and norepinephrine as the chemical communicators within the nervous system. Epinephrin and norepinephrine cause the sensation of "flight or fright" or fear. The crystalline nervous system does not have the capacity to experience the sensation of fear. This, in our channels experience, has lead to a sense of inner tranquility and peace never before experienced within her lifetime.
Within the original blueprint, the masculine and feminine forms were designed to experience polarity of talents. They were also designed such that the masculine and feminine would need to learn to work together and share their gifts. The feminine genetically was designed to be the visionary, and in seeing the future, is adept at directing creation. The feminine form was also designed to hold a higher vibration, which is why women are so well suited to the purpose of healing and channelling.
The masculine form was designed to be talented at short range vision. This causes the masculine form to be capable of handling the details and structuring reality. This is why the masculine form is often so talented at researching new data and constructing new technology. These are not absolutes, but the bottom line is that the masculine and feminine were designed to be different, and to pool their differences into a working collaboration of talents.
A good example of how talents can be pooled to work together can be seen within the Sirius Star System. In Sirius, there are both male and female visionaries who have learned to work together. The female visionary sees the long-range picture of the future, and the male visionary sees the short-range vision of the steps necessary to create that future. The two have learn to work hand in hand to bring whatever projects that they are involved with to fruition.
Our current planetary predicaments are a result of the under-valuing of the visionary talents of the feminine, and over-valuing the masculine characteristics of structure. Our leadership is literally poisoning our planet with pollution for lack of seeing how that which they do today will impact tomorrow. It is the under-valuing of the feminine energies that lead to the planetary experience of poverty and hunger. For in under-valuing certain segments of the population, our society justifies allowing some to starve because some individuals are of less worth. It is conversely the over-valuing of the masculine energies that lead to the experience of greed.
For in over-valuing another segment of the population, we justify the hoarding of resources because some individuals are worth more. Our current social problems will be left behind as humanity embodies the new genetics and the original blueprint for the feminine and masculine forms. The new genetics will cause a bringing to balance of the masculine and feminine within, which will bring about the understanding that all humans on earth are of worth. This will, over time, bring about a balance within the distribution of resources planet-wide. Lastly, the warring of one nation on another is a reflection of the antagonism between men and women in relationship. As men and women learn to live in harmony together, and collaborate talents, so will the nations of our world.
Many of you currently incarnate on the planet carry a lot of guilt and shame. We request that those of you carrying guilt and shame to please forgive yourselves. (editor Rita : ask me for the Karmic Release script).
Every embodiment is slightly different, and therefore, each initiate may experience a slightly different order of conversion. As the body is converted, certain molecules and toxins no longer appropriate to the crystalline form are released. The use of mud-baths and salt baths assisted our channel in pulling these toxins through the skin, quickening her ascension process, and helped to alleviate her body pain.
In monitoring those undergoing this conversion process, approximately 1/2 of the initial 200 test cases had a certain level of body pain. It is imperative that initiates understand that this is a temporary issue, and to find relief through herbs, massage, acupuncture, mud-baths and salt baths as needed. We would also like to point out that your current practitioners in the medical field may have no understanding of your current process.
We have had several initiates attempt to work with the current medical field with rather interesting results. One initiate went to her practitioner to have an EKG brain test due to dizziness. After blowing out 3 consecutive EKG machines, she was sent home untested. Another initiate went to her practitioner to have an ultrasound scan of uterine fibroid growths. She also experienced blowing out the computer behind the ultrasound device. Yet another initiate went to the hospital with chest pain, thinking that she was having a heart attack. Blood was drawn and tested, and the poor doctors could not make sense of anything, and wanted to keep her for further testing. She checked herself out and called our channel for a reading.
We give you these examples so that you will understand that those of you who are embarking upon these initiations are moving beyond current scientific understanding of human form, and we recommend that you rely on alternative sources for any health-related assistance needed.
During initiations all remaining fear based belief systems are transmuted. Fear based beliefs are polarized in nature. For example, if you believe that "I am worth more that others" in some areas of your life, you will also believe that "I am worth less than others" in other areas of your life. Both sides of any one belief is cleared and replaced by a belief that results in the middle path, i.e., "I am equal to all others." Fear based beliefs are different within every genetic embodiment, and therefore will be unique unto each initiates personal life history.
In completing the 16th initiation, strands of DNA 13 through 16 are embodied which results in the conversion of the spinal chord, spinal fluid, and bone structure to the crystalline form. In our channels experience, this resulted in a fair amount of pain within the spine itself, and due to the variance of vibration between the spine and the muscles, a certain level of ongoing muscle spasm. She discovered that the herbs Valerian Root, Passion Flower, and St. John's Wort, assisted in relaxing the nervous system and thus helped to relieve the muscle spasm. Also the herb Vitex or Chaste Tree Fruit, assisted in keeping her endocrine system in balance throughout the conversion process.
Female Inferiority.
As the archetype of female inferiority is transcended, any inner sense of worthlessness is released within the initiate.
Mother earth moved began moving out of the third dimension in May of 1997. In so doing, the pace of Ascension started to double. A new leadership of Lightworkers was planned to assist an awakening humanity.
By 2000 every man, woman, and child on Earth could have completed their 6th Spiritual Initiation thereby attaining the earliest form of a "light-body".
By the end of 2002, every man, woman and child on Earth could have completed their 8th Spiritual Initiation and the Causal Plane and the Earth Plane was due to merge.
Following 2002, a rapid restructuring of civilization on Earth was to follow. The new leadership, who's level of evolution and understanding of the principals of unconditional love, was designed to come together to assist in the restructuring of your world.
Many prophets of the past have written about the horrible earth movement and devastations awaiting us at this time within our history. These earth devastations are being held in check by those who are embodying these new initiations. The numbers involved in this process are crucial. Too few, and there will not be enough support of the vibrational shifts, which can result in earth catastrophes. Too many can throw the process in the other extreme resulting in the same problem. Each of us are requested to play our part in the process. Many wonder about the unawakened masses.
These individuals need to remain asleep until the appropriate time is present to awaken. This keeps the earth's ascension in balance, and her movement in check. In 1997 it was anticipated that 100,000 would have attained the state of the "Christ" by the end of 1997. By the end of 1998, it was anticipated that 200,000 additional humans would l have attained the state of the "Christ", 20,000 will have attained the state of a "Vibrational Steward", 10,000 the state of "Enlightenment", and 5,000 will take it to a state of "Non-Attachment".
In order to move earth and humanity into the 5th dimension and the state of a star, 1% of the population or 60 million people will have to attain the state of the "Christ". Out of this, 20% or 12 million will attain the state of a "Vibrational Steward", 10% or 6 million will attain the state of "Enlightenment", and 5% or 3 million will embody the state of "Non-Attachment". These numbers will create a vibrational pyramid that will elevate all of humanity into the 5th dimension. It is anticipated that this shall occur sometime before the year 2025.
end of quote
So my dear Readers the big question is are you ready to willingly and consciously play in this game - or be like so many others and just stand on the sidelines?


Jesus’s Life Purpose was to explain to humanity that we all have access to the Divine Feminine Spiritual Principle (Ain Soph Aur in Hebrew). This frequency was called Pistis Sophia by the Greeks and Sophia translates to the english word Wisdom. Wisdom has been missing from the World for 2000 years. Jesus knew that because of the 2000 year cycle, the Piscean Age, Sophia would have to go underground as it were. The result being a change of status of women from equal and revered to unequal and disrespected. However here we are 2000 years after Jesus walked the earth and it is time now for Sophia to emerge and make her presence felt once more. The Age of Aquarius began in the 60’s and has taken 50 years to become anchored. Wisdom is returning and with it the Matriarchal society will return too. The old 3rd dimensional patriarchal, ego driven, power crazy way of life linked to the Piscean Age, is coming to an end. We are moving further and further into the 4th dimension along with our Earth Mother.

Jesus was an Essene and his teachings gave rise to Gnosticism (gnostic means knowledge) and the following explanation is taken from Gnostic teachings :-
In timeless eternity, within the mysterious mind of the unknowable Father (or Depth), SOPHIA, the Divine Wisdom, in her yearning and loving desire to know the mystery of her Source, autoconceives a manifest but imperfect cosmos in which the divine spirit is compromised. In this tragedy the human being is caught: a frustrating blend of animal, material and spiritual.

Sophia is brought back to the Fullness of Plenitude (Pleroma) by Christ, and balance is restored within the unfathomable divinity. Humankind (the unconscious Christ) is to embrace the heavenly Spohia, who has been recovered to the Pleroma. She is hidden within the human being and must be activated consciously. Frequently this is accomplished through projection of Sophia upon a woman.

So men must respect and revere women. Love them. Derive joy with and because of them. Therefore the old ways of disrespecting women and un-equality must end. Many women are being pushed to heal themselves, particularly their sacral area issues - 'As above, so below' playing out once again.

It is believed by Gnostics that Mary Magdelene embodied in the Divine Feminine Principle. I recommend that you read the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Mary Magdelene in the book the Gnostic Gospels (ISBN 978 1 84293 099 1).

There is a great deal of evidence that both Jesus and Mary Magdelene were of the Royal House of David, married each other and had three children.
I highly recommend the following books if you'd like to learn more:

Jesus and the Goddess by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy ISBN 000 714545-4
Gnostic Philosophy by Tobias Churton ISBN 159477035-2
The Magdelene Legacy by Laurence Gardner ISBN 000 720084-6

We must move out of the conditioning and untruths propagated by the Roman Catholic Church if we are to understand fully the nature of Christ Consciousness and the role of the Divine Feminine or Goddess.

The Armenian poet Gregory of Narek (951-1003) likens his relationship to Christ Consciousness as 'the wick in the candle'. He said:
"You gave the oil and in this oil you placed a wick which exemplifies your union without imperfection, with our condition, formed and woven with your love of mankind".


My dear heart centred friend and Ascension Buddy Michelle Wood said :-

The heart is the great connector and creator
it is the doorway and pathway to your Soul
it is only through the opening of your heart that you are able to live in your true state of being'.

It is time for us to use our 'Heart Mind' instead of our ego driven 'mental mind'. Yet most people fear the opening of their hearts. Transcending this fear is the only way we can evolve.

We have been given a divine dispensation to assist us release fears using The Lords of Karma.

Call or email me to request my article on how to do this. quickly.


Your individuated God self resides in the centre of your body. The 6th dimensional Core Star. Is your's radiating or closed up? That is the crucial question of the moment.

If your Hara Line is not connected to the Earth and the Cosmos then you are sabotaging yourself. You cannot Ascend or receive the ascension energies properly without the constant flow of Divine energy into your Core Star. Re-connection is a simple and quick process. Call me to ask me to check if you are connected - and if not ,what you can do about it.


I wish to share with you some information on the importance of Divine Cosmic Cycles. Lets begin with some recent events: The Spring Equinox of Fri 23rd Sept and the Cosmic Convergence 23-26 Sept

The Spring Equinox

Carolyn Evers channels Alorah, the high cherubim angel:
What is unusual about this Equinox is that there are parts of the construction of All-There-Is, Prime Creator, that is more involved in, not only the direction, but the intensity of the energies that will be coming forth during this Equinox. These special energies will mount a foundation. During these next ensuing months, energies will be coming from all parts of the cosmos, and this sequence that the Prime Creator will be sending through during this Equinox will in effect, not only monitor, but balance, coordinate, integrate all of these different sources of power and energy.
The time is quickly upon you where you will begin to remember, where you will connect to your soul’s strength and growth, and at long last begin to understand who you are, what you are, and the growth that you have won. And I say won because yes, it is in this that you have the victory of the heart, you have the victory of compassion, you have the victory of understanding in a much greater manner of that One that created you.
And so I come forth today, to tell you that you are not adrift, you are not a tree bending in the wind of storms, but rather you are a signpost, pointing your heart to the center of the cosmos to begin picking up the signals of your expression, and it will slowly begin with this Equinox.

Cosmic Convergence

A major cosmic event is the Cosmic Convergence on Sept 23-26. On our route to Unity Consciousness by the end of the Mayan Calendar this Convergence presents us with a milestone. While we may all have ideas of how this final transformation is going to take place no human knows the exact details of what is going to happen. We are sitting in the waiting room of the cosmic doctor and we do not know how He or She is going to treat this patient. However in order to make it through the end times and to move to the New Earth there are only a few things we need to do:-

1. Acknowledge your Creator
2. Be willing to Let go of Fear, guilt and shame
3. Open your Heart
4. Connect to the earth and the Cosmos through the Hara Line
5. Acknowledge the Christ within you (your Core Star) so you may finally Stand in Your Own Power

There is no one on earth who can help you. No one who can take responsibility for you. Only You can help yourself. Only you can do this. You have been designed to have all that you need to let go of anything that prevents you from evolving and ultimately ascending into the 4th dimension. Are you using your resources?

End of the Mayan Calendar, The Comet Elenin & Unity Consciousness

Carl Calleman has recently written :
I feel that there is one shift point that deserves our full attention and this is the beginning of the sixth night. The reason is that the beginning of the sixth night on September 23, 2011, and its following few days, means a convergence of an energy shift in the Mayan calendar and the passage of the comet Elenin between the earth and the sun (and, if you like, the Spring equinox as well).
This little comet Elenin has attained an immense amount of attention on the Internet and is sometimes associated with more or less dire predictions. All that we really know about it is however that it is synchronized with the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. This time brings a cosmic context to human life in a way that has not previously been the case. Human beings are about to become citizens of the universe, a consciousness shift that has led to a heightened interest in all things extraterrestrial. Yet, maybe this shift is primarily about us living up to our cosmic origin and the Cosmic Convergence is an invitation to fully experience this at the beginning of the sixth night. Thus, the word Cosmic is here more meant in its Mayan meaning as the all encompassing intelligence.
I feel it cannot be emphasized enough that the Mayan calendar is an expression of a truly cosmic, but also divine time plan. It is from this that we know that it is purposeful and benevolent. Many who fail to recognize that this calendar describes a divine plan developed by waves of seven days and six nights, may risk to end up in hopelessness or a belief that the world will come to an end. (The lack of connection to a divine plan is the reason that the false pop culture end date of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 often has become associated with such thoughts.)
It is the divine background of the plan described by the Mayan calendar that explains that nothing in the universe happens by accident. Everything plays a role for the fulfillment of the purpose of the cosmic plan, making it meaningful despite the hardships and challenges that we may expect in the time ahead. From such a perspective we may wonder what God is communicating to us through the comet Elenin especially in terms of what there is to do at the beginning of the sixth night, but also in the seventh day. After all, comets are prophesized to be part of the language that God is going to use to communicate with us in the end times.
Another thing that we know about the Ninth wave, and its sixth night and seventh day in particular, is that it brings about a polarity shift to unity consciousness as is illustrated in figure 1. Elenin may then also be seen as a messenger of the finality of this shift. Today, we often hear the idea of an impending pole shift, which goes back to psychics like Helena Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce. Yet, most, if not all, professional geoscientists would argue that there is no reason to expect a pole shift in the near future. Most likely then, since Blavatsky and Cayce were not familiar with the kind of polarity shifts that the different waves of the Mayan calendar bring about, and had no language to describe them, they simply mistook such shifts for an electromagnetic pole shift of the Earth. In favor of such an interpretation is for instance that Cayce predicted what he called a “pole shift” for the year 2000. This as we now know did not happen, but what did take place was a polarity shift of consciousness as the Eighth wave of the Mayan calendar was activated in 1999 and most likely this is what he saw in his trance state and mistook for a pole shift.
Time of activation
(Fig. 1) Different polarities of consciousness created
by the five highest waves of the Mayan calendar.

Polarity shifts in consciousness take place in synchrony at several different levels of the universe - cosmic, galactic, heliospheric, planetary and human - at the times of shift points in the Mayan calendar. The Ninth wave that we are currently in is carries the polarity shift that creates unity consciousness. We then need to ask what we are to do, if anything, if we as individuals want to be part of this polarity shift and remove all dark filters from our minds. After all, we only have the direct power to transform ourselves and then hope that it spreads along the lines of the great Indian leader and sage Mahatma Gandhi, who said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
What, more specifically, would this imply for the Cosmic Convergence? A general rule of the Mayan calendar waves is that its night and day energies relate to one another as inner preparation to outer manifestation. This may especially be true when it comes to the last such pair of energies in the entire creation scheme, the sixth night and seventh day of the Ninth wave starting September 23 and October 11, respectively. This alternation between energies would mean that the sixth night should lend itself favorably to inner work like prayer, contemplation or meditation, whereas the seventh day would lend itself better to global ceremonies, which externalize the inner changes that have been brought in the sixth night. Ceremonies and rituals in a sacred context are powerful tools to externalize the rearrangement of our inner landscape.
The ninth wave

This diagram indicates the motion of the "wave" of energies belonging to the ninth wave and the related dates as to when these come into play. The relationships of the comets Honda and Elenin to the Seven days and six nights of the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar. A is the comet Honda’s closest distance form the Earth. B shows the time of passage of Elenin between the sun and the earth and C is its closest distance to the Earth.
At point B in figure 2 I thus feel that the comet Elenin signals to us that we should surrender our egos to the all encompassing cosmic intelligence and also that this is our last chance to be part of the polarity shift to unity consciousness, or if we like, Oneness or God Consciousness. This will also be a test of the integrity of today’s evolutionary leaders, not to mention “2012 experts.” Elenin is a final wake up call that will be heard also by the many who know nothing about the Mayan calendar or how this expresses the divine plan. After all, the sixth night is the last energy when we can turn inward to prepare for the polarity shift that the wave is bringing. As the seventh day starts the new polarity is locked into position and generates its final manifestation.
This finality is partly why the Cosmic Convergence of September 23-26, 2011 is different from previous events, such as the Conscious Convergence of July 17-18, 2010, which also set the intention to manifest unity consciousness. In the Cosmic Convergence it will also be necessary to make an effort to see this intention manifested. This is a time for connecting with the divine, introspection and soul searching. To stay aligned with the cosmic plan and be part of its polarity shift in consciousness I would then also like to suggest that the following commitments become the foundation of the Cosmic Convergence:
1/ Committing to consistently let divine guidance rather than our egos decide our actions and the direction of our lives.
2/ Declaring our independence from the dark side including surrendering the right to use the dark side to fight the dark side in others(In my own understanding the dark side is not some kind of eternal dark force, but anything that results form the darker filters of the lower waves as can be seen in Figure 1)
The Cosmic Convergence is thus fundamentally about making sure that we ourselves as individuals are the change that we want to see in the world. This may be very uncomfortable if we have much of our past unprocessed. It is then clearly not about putting the blame for the state of affairs on our planet on other people or forces. It is about taking personal responsibility. I think we here need to go deep into ourselves and see where we as individuals have contributed to hurting others or the nature of our planet. We have become quite used to complaining about the violence and wars in the world or the threats to its natural state. Yet, it is one thing to complain while secretly blaming others, or simply “the way things are” and something totally different to see how we as individuals have made choices that have contributed to the global deterioration. The idea here is to see and acknowledge such instances and choices in our lives and yet not get stuck in guilt, but rather find a path to healing through a corrective course of action. Since usually we have suppressed or numbed ourselves to any personal responsibility for the course of events on the planet we may actually have to pray for being reminded of such instances in the past. Hence, if we truly want to create a polarity shift in ourselves and so for instance are willing to embrace the commitments above it is a natural consequence that we do the necessary soul searching as we recognize how we may have failed to live up to these commitments in the past. If we do not do so aspects of the dark filters will continue to dominate us and the polarity shift will not be total.
The Cosmic Convergence is thus about the participants taking responsibility for the transformation to unity consciousness and doing so in a committed way. Granted, these may be difficult tasks, but again, if we are not to bring about this shift to unity consciousness in ourselves, who will? Hence, the Cosmic Convergence is really about providing an opportunity for us at least to commit to irreversibly bring about a shift in consciousness polarity in ourselves. While it may be difficult to immediately live up to such a commitment it will if it is taken seriously have powerful consequences On the benefit side a thing to ponder is that in order to receive the appropriate guidance into the new world it is possible that such a profound commitment to unity consciousness is indeed necessary.
The Cosmic Convergence, September 23-26, 2011 is meant as a solemn and humble event allowing people of unity consciousness to connect on a very deep level wherever they are on our planet.
I feel this is really the last chance of humanity and that the day of reckoning is here. I feel that a commitment to the polarity shift to unity consciousness is a passport to the new world to be born. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. And it is entirely up to us. If we are looking to see our greatness, we should see it not in denial, or at all cost avoid anything that may cause fear, but in the courage to face squarely what we have done to this creation as it manifests on this earth. The Ninth wave indeed brings a field change on the cosmic level that we may become part of, but it will not happen without a deep and serious commitment from the heart of our souls

The 7th day begins the second week of October and ends on October 28th. So I will not be sending out another News until after the 7th day is over.

Blessings and Namaste

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