Sunday, 21 August 2011

Chaos reigns before Creation

August News
Greetings and Namaste
This month's news contains a lot of information...... I was surprised when I realised just how much has been going on in the Universe in August!
My intention is that the explanations will help you feel hopeful because there is a very good reason for all that we are experiencing however negative it may appear superficially. Its all in the Divine Plan.
How have you been feeling in the last couple of weeks?
Has it felt as though you were experiencing Chaos?
There is an explanation....... chaos always reigns before creation!
There a number of chaotic influences at present :
1. Ascension energies
2. Astrological alignments
3. The Sun’s activity
4. The Mayan Calendar’s insights
5. The reticence of humanity to let go of fear and open the heart

Energy and particles cannot be destroyed,only changed - so new things use old particles - so the old falls away - the phoenix rising from the ashes is symbolic of this fact.
This is what we are experiencing at the moment. A new tomorrow is coming. ‘Heaven’ is coming to Earth. We are being given the gift of co-creation.
Remember that our Our Souls are comprised of the same particles as God or what you may term Source / Oneness /Unity/Creator.
Currently the ‘dark’ fear energies are being cleansed from the earth and hence from inside of us. Part of this process involves changes in our DNA - so the present turmoil has to happen both inside and outside of us for the new to be born.
Hope is the message for the moment - we will come through the difficulties and enter the New Earth.
The Ascension energies are prompting you to take stock ........ to ask yourself :
“who am I”? and “what do I want” ?
Are you ready to co-create your future ? Are you ready to trust?
You are being prompted to learn to follow your intuition and trust your heart. Stop letting the left brain, the ego dominate.
Einstein said ‘ The heart is the Master and the mind the servant. I will never understand why people worship the servant and ignore the Master’.
We must no longer rely on what others tell us to do. We have to learn to trust ourselves and our own intuition.
So those whose issues are related to Self Doubt may feel they are being targeted more than others right now.
If you came into this life to work through issues of Self Doubt then a tip off will be present in your Soul Number. If the number 3 is present then you are definitely meant to work through self doubt into trust.
So if you wish t ascertain if you have a 3 in your Soul Number just add up all the numbers from your entire Date of Birth (ie. 19.07.1972 is 1+9+7+1+9+7+2= 36 ) then add the sum total as individual numbers to give you a single digit (eg. 3+6 = 9) So the entire Soul number in this example is 36/9)
If a 3 appears in any of the positions then please contact me so that I may assist you to release your self doubt. You’ll be amazed how easy it is.
Anger usually arises as a portent of change and we must acknowledge it and give ourselves permission to feel it and move through it into change. Otherwise anger and/or Irritation will shut down the creative process at all levels - ie. the healing level and the witnessing and awareness levels. If you are finding it difficult to move through the anger into a state of ‘calm letting go’ then I suggest the following meditation. Its a free download and excellent for aligning your own will with Divine Will. When you are thus aligned your Soul can assist you to evolve more easily. Go to click on Orin's Opening to Your True Identity Guided Meditation.
If you meditate with this 30 minute meditation then you will release the issue calmly and find you can face the future anew.

The importance of the 18th August
The Calendar is not a way of measuring time but a method of monitoring consciousness shifts.
It is a complex system and if you want to learn more I suggest you go to Swedish Archeologist Carl Johan Calleman’s site : www.
Just to give you a simplified glimpse into the nature of the calendar: one of the cycles it measures is one of 13 periods. Six days, six nights and a seventh day. This concept was what was referred to in Genesis as the ’6 days in which God created the world’. We are told that on the seventh day
‘he rested’. There is no 7th night in the calendar. These periods are not 24 hour periods, they are periods or eons, the length of which varies according to cyclic influences.
So why is the concept of a consciousness shift important? Well, once we move upwards in consciousness we leave behind the issues that we created in the lower level of consciousness! Think about that and what that really means.
Some people comment that time is speeding up. It is not time per se that’s speeding up, it is consciousness shifts that are happening more frequently. More seems to be happening in less time. In the 1700’s humanity was experiencing a consciousness shift every 400 years. When I was born we were experiencing a consciousness shift every 20 years. Between 1999 and the beginning of this year the time period reduced to every 360 days. As from February 10th this year the period became just 20 days!
So in essence if you have a child born in 1999 that child has experienced 13 shifts to date. If you were born in 1970 you experienced just 1 shift in the first 29 years of your life.
According to Calleman :
”The Fifth Night of the Ninth Wave starts as of August 18th of 2011 and many are wondering what this energy will carry. When we look back at history the fifth night usually appears as a very destructive time period and this naturally adds drama to the interest. Typically,
the Fifth night means a ¨dark age¨ with some kind of destruction (the Mayans called it ‘Lord of Darkness’ time) and without exception it has meant a sharp economic decline. Indeed the Roman Empire collapsed in a 5th night. It is however never entirely true to talk about an energy in the Mayan calendar as exclusively being destructive or constructive. This is because similarly to how the god Shiva among the Hindus is both the Creator and Destroyer all calendrical energies carry both aspects and the destructiveness is there to give room for something new to be created. For us who are living in this momentous ‘end time’ what is important is to be able to grasp the most relevant information from t
he Mayan calendar and not get stuck in simplistic labels. It was by recognizing this multifacetedness of the calendrical energies (and, if you like, Revelation 16) that I was able to correctly predict that the economic collapse caused by the Ninth wave would be precipitated by the Fifth day that started July 31 and ends now on August 17.
To some this downturn may seem like a destructive event, inconsistent with the typical energies of a ‘day’, but from the perspective of the emergence of unity consciousness, which is the chief purpose of the Ninth wave, the economic crisis is actually a con
structive event that paves the way for the future. Based on that assumption it can actually be said that the development of this economic crisis has followed the Mayan calendar with exceptional precision. In the fifth day the stability of several major European banks has been seriously threatened and government leaders are in constant teleconferences to discuss how to halt the crisis. The US, on its part, has lost its status as AAA and since the midpoint of the 4th night (the seating of the energy of the fifth day) 7 trillion dollars of stock value has gone up in smoke”. end quote
Of course the escalation of wars and conflict in the Middle East over recent weeks and the recent riots in the UK are connected to these energies.
However the Sixth Day due in just 20 days heralds the Goddess of Birth.

Astrological influences also deserve a mention. A very high number of planets are retrograde at present. The most influential perhaps being Mercury. Mercury went retrograde on August 2nd and will not go direct again until August 26th. So what does this mean? Well all we need to do is define what Mercury retrograde means and you will understand why I have mentioned this influence.
The word retrograde applies, in astrology, to the apparent backward motion through the zodiac of a planet.
All the planets, except Sun and Moon, have these retrograde periods, but Mercury is most famous for them, probably because Mercury represents our very essential communication abilities.
While people speak of Mercury Retrograde periods that have screwed up computers and television sets, today's astrologers believe the mishaps are more likely to happen in more personal realms . Mercury rules communication, but more informal communications, like writing, speaking, short shopping sprees and other erranding endeavors. So, while Mercury is Retrograde, don't give that party, be extra aware of what you say and what you interpret when chatting with or writing to friends, cut back on errands, expect that the check will be in the mail longer than usual.
The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde are: meditate, contemplate,consider how you want to evolve, edit the book/poem/song/essay you've been writing, clean house, sort out and throw away old useless stuff, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, catch up on sleep!

Sunspot activity has been in the news.
The website ‘SpaceWeather’ reported: “The Earth's magnetic field is still reverberating from a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) strike on August 5th that sparked one of the strongest geomagnetic storms in years"

This aurora australis image was taken during a geomagnetic storm that was most likely caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun on May 29, 2010 posted on NASA website June 21, 2010

© Reuters/ISS Crew Earth Observations experiment and Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, Johnson Space Center/Handout
Reuters ran the following story earlier this month:
Rollercoaster financial markets and the worst riots Britain has seen in decades have made it quite a week for a time of year that is usually so dead the newspapers are filled with "silly season" tales of amusing pet antics.
Everyone is pointing fingers -- at blundering politicians, hooded thugs, disaffected youths, bumbling police and greedy bankers -- but could the cause for all the madness really be the star at the center of our solar system?
There isn't a lot of evidence pointing to little green men involving themselves in Earthly affairs, but the sun has been throwing bursts of highly charged particles into space in a phenomenon known as coronal mass ejections or CMEs.
Three large CMEs prompted U.S. government scientists to warn of solar storms that can cause power blackouts and the aurora borealis, or northern lights, caused by disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere, have been spotted as far south as England and Colorado, NASA said.
"Earth's magnetic field is still reverberating from a CME strike on August 5th that sparked one of the strongest geomagnetic storms in years", website SpaceWeather said.
Some academics have claimed that such geomagnetic storms can affect humans, altering moods and leading people into negative behavior through effects on their biochemistry.
Some studies have found evidence that hospital admissions for depression rise during geomagnetic storms and that incidents of suicide increase.
A 2003 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta found that such storms could affect the stock market, as traders were more likely to make pessimistic choices.
"Unusually high levels of geomagnetic activity have a negative, statistically and economically significant effect on the following week's stock returns for all US stock market indices," the authors found in their report.
It could of course be mere coincidence that this has been a rollercoaster week on the markets, and that Britain was rocked by a wave of ferocious rioting and looting.
But market watchers may take comfort from the fact that the space weather forecast for Friday 12th Aug has gone quiet again.
They shouldn't be too complacent though. The solar cycle is on an upswing due to peak in 2013 and there are likely to be more geomagnetic storms heading Earth's way in the months to come. end quote

So there have been a number of influences and its hardly surprising that we are feeling the effects.
The best way to ride this wave of change is to be willing to let go of all the issues you have been holding onto. Especially those that have prevented you from opening your heart. 93% of people on the planet have what has been termed a ‘Heart Wall’.

The Walk In Liat Nava Aliya has said:
“It is through the heart that we shall heal ourselves and connect to the inner wisdom of knowing. The knowledge of this connection has been withheld from the populace by many of the religious orders of the world. They teach the populace to rely on disconnection. This is to keep humanity reliant upon the religious order and its leaders. People become dependent upon the churches and are continually going back there in the hope that they will connect ‘without’ to the ALL IS ONE. These religious teachings are of course incomplete. They should teach you the ‘Truth’ which is that the connection is already there, within you and that you are a divine magnificent whole being. No connection can be made with ALL IS ONE outside of yourself.
This teaching of attempting to make some external connection, in other words many religions have taught that God is an all powerful being separate from you and that you will be judged on whether you are fit enough to be one of the select few who will be allowed to enter the realms of heaven. This teaching of separation caused the hearts of the human being to close. Hence separation, loneliness, fear, and disconnection was experienced. That experience was the learning. This was for all humanity a great lesson and one that was chosen by all who came to earth. There is no judgement in this as it was a necessary part of our learning curve.
It is time to now realise that we are God and we are never disconnected from source and that heaven is something that is accessible to all and through the healing of the heart together with the realisation that we are ALL ONE; we are unconditional love; we do not need to rely on religion or another human being to attain this knowledge. It is WITHIN each and every one of us.
Religious orders used fear as a base to gain popularity and increase their numbers, but as humanity awakens and the search begins, there is no pulling the wool over awakened human eyes.
Please remember that we are not here by invitation, we are all here by our own choice. We are NEVER victims of circumstance. We are creators of our own lives. Everything that happens to us is a choice whether we are conscious of it or not. Take responsibility for your choices and life.” end quote
The Golden Age heralded by the 2012 Solstice is "The Age of The Open Heart". Therefore we all need to focus on releasing negative emotions and 'Healing the Heart'.
Thus picture shows the so called '3 fold flame of the heart: pink, blue and gold. Pink for love, blue for wisdom and gold to represent the Christ Consciousness'. This flame grows bigger as we open our heart.

Is it estimated that 93% of the people on the planet have, what I have termed, an 'energetic heart wall' built by their unconscious mind and intended as 'protection'. The bricks of this wall comprise emotions such as hurt, anger, betrayal, bitterness, despair, sadness and many others.
On a personal level the wall enables behaviours such as depression, abuse, conflict and breakdowns in relationships. Large scale results are misunderstandings, hatred, bigotry, and brutality. At a global level such things as ethnic cleansing, nation against nation, terrorism and war proliferate.
The only way to raise the consciousness of humanity and assist us move into the 5th dimension is to open the heart and remove any illusionary protective mechanisms that stop us from being open hearted. Call me and I'll check for you free of charge if you have a heart wall. Then you can decide what you wish to do about it.
So are you willing to allow yourself to experience chaos in order that you may re-create your life as you want it to be? One of the greatest human fears is Fear of Chaos. In fact many Rulers have been granted the power to become Tyrants by their subjects by
making impossible to fulfil promises that the people will be delivered from all threat of chaos by the Leader. There are many truths in this Universe and one is that chaos precedes a higher degree of order. The Universe thrives on chaos as a catalyst for change. It cannot be avoided, however we can choose to surf the wave of change if we let go of fear, instead of finding ourselves under the waves gasping for breath.
Successful Ascension and the experience of the human collective depends on each individual choosing to process their fear. Each individual who chooses to live in a ‘fear free zone’ increases the vibration of the planet and raises it for the benefit of hundreds of others.
Choose a timeline where you can manifest instead of being enslaved. (See Newer Post)
Thomas Merton wrote:
"What can we gain by sailing to the Moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous."
If you are experiencing fear, feeling stuck, fearful of opening your heart, or experiencing extreme uncomfortable chaos then I can help. Just call me 073 208 8534.