Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark

The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light."

- Plato

If you have not yet asked yourself Who Am I and Why Am I Here? then you are hampering your evolution.

Resisting growth at this time is a dangerous choice. There is much to lose if we choose anything other than evolution. The time of the Earth Mother’s Ascension draws closer - the Spring Equinox 2013.
Not much time left. You should be well along your own pathway to Ascension by now. If you have only just taken the first few steps then you still have time – just about.

I believe my role is to assist people to find the answers to those 'who' and 'why' questions. OK you might say, so what’s so different about how you do that and how other psychics, empaths, and spiritual psychotherapists,spiritual teachers and hypnotherapists assist people.
Well I have come to realise that there are a number of influences your Soul has chosen to use in your
lifetime on earth. Here are just four :-

- Karmic lessons
- Numerical influences on one’s Life Purpose
- Archetypal influences
- Energy system problems

In order to ascend it is important that you become aware of exactly what these influences are and why you have chosen them. I can assist you do that.

Awareness is everything – if you know what resides within you that prevents you from becoming your authentic self and attaining Ascension then you know what to release.

The Master Within
If you start with the premise that you already have within you the enlightened Master that you truly are, which is the absolute Truth, then what layers have you chosen to overlay that Light within. How many layers are there? If you know that then you can remove the layers and re-claim your own Divine Master Self. I can assist you with the discovery of what lies between you and your Master, and more importantly help you release it.

Energy System
Your Divine self resides in an area of the body called the Core Star situated just above the Solar Plexus and under the Heart Chakra on what is termed the Hara Line. There are a number of other energy structures on the Hara Line as the diagram below shows: the Soul Seat, the Hara itself, the Individuation point and the earth link. It is important that all these centres are aligned along the Hara line.

Thanks to Barbara Brennan for this image and I added the labels

I see my role as a Messenger who can see your Hara line and how and where its not aligned and then facilitate the alignment with your Higher Self’s co-operation and the assistance of Christ Consciousness.

Earth Links

It is extremely rare for people to fully understand the true nature of their multi way connection with the Earth. However if any one of these connections is blocked or lacking flow in any way then symptoms arise such as lack of confidence, lack of inner sense of security, lack of identity, inability to create what one needs, frustration, stuckness, feelings of vulnerability, panic attacks, lack of groundedness, and many other issues. I can scan your energy system to discover the level of function of your earth links and effect repairs as required. Most people who have been fully reconnected find the attendant long term issues disappear within a few days.

Connection with the Divine

The Crown chakra and the Individuation point above it, enable our connection with the Divine. Light is received into our individual consciousness through these energy gateways and attendant channels. This Light carries encoded messages which are interpreted through our Higher Selves and felt as intuition. This is our Divine Guidance from Father God. We cannot Ascend without it and we cannot receive the full amount of Divine Light without the grounding to allow the Light to enter into the Earth Mother. Sometimes the crown chakra becomes blocked. I can identify if this is the case and re-connect you. You are meant to be a clear and open conduit between earth and cosmos.


Most people are unclear what karmic issues or karma is. A simple definition is unresolved emotional issues or limiting beliefs that we have brought with us into this life to resolve. Think of it this way. When we leave the third dimension at the moment of death we cannot take any negative energy with us. Elsewhere in other dimensions only positive energy can reside. So we must leave behind negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I liken it to leaving a suitcase in the ‘Left Luggage’ office at the railway station. We leave it there until it’s convenient to collect it later. We collect our unresolved negative issues when we re-incarnate. We then download them from the suitcase into our energy system and emotional/mental bodies. We then plan to release the issues through our life experiences particularly through lessons learned in relationships. However the best laid plans and all that….what usually happens is that we simply add issues to the suitcase so when we leave the planet we leave a heavier suitcase behind. This is due to ignorance and lack of memory of the fact that the suitcase exists, never mind what it’s contents were.

I can assist you in identifying your karmic issues and more importantly facilitate the release of the issues using a simple and quick process whereby you are given a divine dispensation to assist you in acknowledging the issue then releasing it. Never before has karmic release been so easy. The universal consciousness had implemented a dispensation procedure for the first time in order to assist Light-workers prepare for Ascension in the most accelerated way.


There are 12 main Archetypes that influence your life in 12 houses. When you understand the interplay of these characters in twelve areas of your life you begin to see where certain negative and positive motivations stem from. I can assist you to identify your twelve main Archetypes and enable you to either utilize their positive influence or release their negative influence in order to assist your Ascension.

Soul Numerology

I have been guided to work with what I call Life Purpose numbers (based on Dan Millman's work). Generally a group of 3 numbers most influence behaviour and attitudes and hence give rise to issues that prevent us from attaining our full potential.
There are ten numbers:

Focus Lesson

1. Creativity and Confidence – let go of insecurity
2. Co-operation & Balance – stop over responsibility for others
3. Expression & Sensitivity – overcome self doubt
4. Stability & Process – plan a step by step route to goals
5. Freedom & Discipline – stop being scattered
6. Vision & Acceptance – let go of perfectionism
7. Trust & Openness – trust self and others
8. Abundance & Power – let go of self sabotage
9. Integrity & Wisdom – be honest with self and others
10. Inner Gifts – let go of fear of intuition & psychic abilities

I can carry out a Life Purpose Reading in which we identity the 3 numbers your Soul has decided to work with in this life, then perhaps more importantly release the negative influences such as insecurity, over responsibility for others, self doubt, impatience, lack of self discipline, lack of trust, self sabotage, fear of one’s own power or fear of psychic gifts and talents and intuition.

If you want a life that works, that’s free of chaos and negativity then I can assist you discover your Soul Number and learn the lessons it brings.

So if you would like help to enable you to Ascend more easily I can offer you either:-

- A Life Purpose Reading with Karmic Release
- An Archetypal Reading and Release
- An energy system scan, balance, alignment and repair
- Or simply spiritual guidance and psychotherapy on a known issue

Then please contact me by email or phone. 073 208 8524 021 788 8040

I’m here to help you Ascend.
That’s my purpose and mission.