Friday, 20 May 2011

May Newsletter

Hello Again Fellow Seekers

This month the focus is on two main themes:

- Relationships

- A simple and easy Karmic Release Process (no, its not too good to be true!)

Firstly lets talk about Karmic Release........

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the issues that come up for you?

Do you sometimes feel them coming up and then push them back down?

Do you know that at some stage these issues will have to be dealt with but fear sometimes paralyses you or procrastination steps in because you don’t know how to move through them?

Often the big question is where do the issues stem from? Your present life or from a past life (a so called karmic issue)? If you have been aspiring towards ascension for some time and taking the action you needed in order to grow and release issues as they are triggered, its possible by now you are getting down to some deep karmic lessons.
Many people feel that karmic issues are much more difficult to release than issues we have accumulated in this life. But, what if that was not the case?

What if karmic issues were actually more easily released than current life issues? Would you then be more willing to address them?

Well I can tell you that there is a deceptively simple, yet guaranteed to be successful, process given to me by Universal Consciousness, that I call the Karmic Release Process, which makes releasing negative karmic lessons and issues possible in just a few minutes. And what’s more the process is permanent.

Universal Consciousness is pushing us to release our ‘stuff’ more than ever as the astrological report which follows evidences. The Universe is supporting us in our Ascension in ways never previously seen on Earth.

If you wish to take advantage of this special ‘dispensation,’ karmically speaking, being offered by Universal Consciousness, to let go of your karma, please call me to discuss your needs.

The sooner you move on, the better prepared you will be to take advantage of the ascension energies as we approach 2012.
And now Relationships......

Life is about relationships.
The good news is that on Earth we have the luxury of an Emotional body which helps us make the best of relationships.
The bad news is we have an emotional body that allows us to feel the pain of negative emotional feelings related to relationships. Duality in action once again. More bad news is that we can bring the pain of past relationship experiences through into this life from the past.

This month I felt I should start by explaining some astrological influences that have been, and indeed still are, affecting us now in the area of relationships. OK, I know what you might be thinking ….. she’s not an Astrologer so what’s this all about. Well please bear with me, be patient and read on….

On April 6th Pluto turned retrograde” - the influence of this was……… …..”FOLKS ITS TIME TO GET OUT OF BEING STUCK IN THE OLD WAYS".

Pluto is whispering the “Times they are a ‘changing”– but if you stay stuck in the rut of what, or how, you are living and its not working for you, you may find that Pluto starts to “Raise its Voice”.

Pluto is about transformation. Pluto also brings to light what is not correct, or is hidden and needs to be exposed. At present Pluto is highlighting aspects of relationships that are not working.

From October 28th 2009 Saturn also started to influence relationships through its death, rebirth and transformation aspects. It is a fact that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who suddenly had huge relationship difficulties. Saturn will continue to influence relationships for another two years or so.

Jupiter (expansion and opportunities) moves into Aries on June 6th, and brings new beginnings.

Yet we have just moved into the influence of Taurus, and as Venus is its ruler, once again love and romance (relationships) are highlighted. Taurean energy is about creating security and to understand our needs.

There is no getting away from the fact that relationship issues will come up if they need to. Yet there may be resistance, stubborness, fear of change, or denial, triggered by the Taurean influence.

As we are here on Earth to experience lessons learned only through relationships it follows that karmic issues will probably be relationship issues.

So how are your relationships doing at present?

Expect whatever is coming up for you to intensify as the planets of evolution line up. Uranus( the Reformer) moves into Aries on May 29th, the sign of new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

Universally because of the effect of the planets of evolution there will be a huge shake up. You may need some assistance to enable you to manage it more easily.

To add to the mix - expansive Jupiter, who encourages us to trust that we can be the very best we can be, to learn, to aspire, to set goals, to understand our own philosophy about honesty, spirituality, society, law, will be making a connection to each of the big outer planets in its cycle during 2010-2011.

Jupiter creates expansion – thus the effects of these meetings will be expanded.

experiences can feel completely over-the-top, yet offer us incredible opportunity for growth and wisdom.

Jupiter moves into Aries on June 6th meeting Uranus on June 8th. The opportunity here could be to direct our intentions towards the high road of integrity and honesty on every level of our lives in order to achieve personal freedom.

The New Moon on May 14th signalled the end of the Wesak period, honouring Buddha and his 8 fold path of.....

'Right Thinking, Right Action, Right Understanding, Right Speech; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration.

We are being encouraged to find a new, more efficient more sustainable way forward.

How can we take action to enable our own evolution more efficiently! Karmic Release work allows us to take that path.

Only when enough people have resolved their issues and evolved into Conscious Ascension will great positive changes be able to occur more easily on Earth. Do you wish to become the microcosm that positively affects the macrocosm?

Uranus, of inventiveness and science, along with Jupiter of expansion, Saturn of order, and Pluto of transformation are all there – ready and willing to assist! Question is..... Will you take advantage of the help?

If you wish to do just that, please contact me to discuss how.