Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April News

Hello to all My Fellow Seekers,

On the run up to the Easter week end I would like to wish you a blessed Easter and would like to share the following insights with you .......

Another take on the Easter Story

The relationship between God and humanity started to be perceived as an abusive one around 1500 years ago. Since then the relationship has deteriorated to the point where many believe God to be 'dead' (a term I recently heard on TV) or at least their relationship with God is non existent.

The deterioration in our relationship with our Creator began to falter 13,500 years ago and coincided with the fall in consciousness of the Atlantean people who lived on the earth at that time. Those people were psychic, metaphysically aware, saw into other dimensions, had contact with advanced extra terrestrial beings, understood the way the Universe worked and understood the role human beings can play in co-creation. However, they decided to use that knowledge for negative purposes and by doing so engineered their own downfall. Atlantis was finally destroyed by a Tsunami and attendant cataclysm. However, those working with the Light at that time fled beforehand to places such as Egypt, North and South America, Hawaii, Europe and the Mediterranean amongst other places and took their knowledge with them. As consciousness deteriorated more and more there was less understanding of the original Truth teachings and over time the 'chinese whispers syndrome' took its toll and many teachings became misrepresented and erroneously changed beyond recognition.

The deterioration that began 13,500 years ago in recent years reached its lowest ebb. The Universal consciousness is now working hard to raise our individual and therefore collective consciousness once more. Some are calling this effort the ‘Golden Age’ because we will re-claim the wonderful metaphysical talents and understandings that come with a rise in consciousness and a full realisation of who we really are.

The Solstice in December 2012 is the actual birth moment of our full re-connection to our authentic selves. This year, 2011, has seen a major increase in the number of sun spots and the increased energy from these is now bathing the earth. This energy is what we need to evolve and grow at an accelerated pace to once again fulfil our potential and remember our true nature. We are all connected through our common link with our Creators; Mother and Father God. We are the offspring of these great beings. As their children we have their divine energy at our very core.

Much conflicting information has been spread as to who Jesus of Nazareth (Jeshua, the son of Joseph ben Jacob and his wife Mary) was. In fact Jeshua was a messenger, a representative of Mother God who, in the last three years of his ministry before his crucifixion, spoke as a channel for the office of the Christ. Lord Maitreya being the discarnate Head of that office and as such worked with Christ Consciousness and the Divine Feminine . As a channel Jeshua spoke to all who would hear his words a clear warning of what was about to occur on earth, and, how humanity could help themselves through what was to be a very challenging and testing time that would last 2000 years until the Divine Feminine could emerge fully once again.
Mother God is also referred to as the Divine Feminine. In the kabbalistic tradition she is called Ain Soph Aur or Sophia in the Essene tradition, which was how Jeshua referred to her. She is our true mother and all that that means, our Supporter, Healer. Protector. She wants to help her children to heal and grow into fulfilled authentic souls. It is up to us to accept or reject that love and help.

We are now in the Aquarian age but Sophia has had 2000 years of enforced isolation and reclusiveness during the Piscean Age as Patriarchal ego driven systems dominated us and flourished on earth, whilst disrespecting women. From her seclusion Sophia worked tirelessly to help us covertly and this work is what Jesus was trying to explain when he talked of ‘the absolution of our sins’. Sin is more accurately translated from the Aramaic original text as ‘lack of knowledge of universal law’. So Mother God has worked tirelessly to help her children through 2000 years of ignorance and perceived isolation from the Divine. Universal Laws reminds us that :
- we are all connected and that our highest aspect of self is divine
- we reap what we sow, so we are indeed co-creators of our reality
- and the old adage ‘as above so below’ means that what happens inside of us is reflected by the outside world and vice versa
Through lack of intuition and psychic ability, and with just 2 strands of DNA, (DNA was originally created to operate as a cosmic receiver, rather than just a genetic record) instead of the 12 strands minimum that we were designed to operate with, we perceived ourselves as lost, abandoned and alone and that perception created a great deal of fear within us. Yet all the time Mother and Father God, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and enlightened beings from other dimensions and planets and places in the Universe were ready, willing and waiting to come to our aid. All we need to do is ask. Now at last we are getting the message and asking for help in greater and greater numbers. And it is being given in large copious amounts.

The sun spots are increasing in number and intensity and with each one a new batch of energy arrives here to fuel our quest for enlightenment (to enlighten means dissolving the darkness (fear) and accepting light (joy) in its place). Our DNA is being re-activated and the so called 'junk DNA' (Human Geneticist's term) is being reactivated at a non 3rd dimensional level and coming into its own once again.

It is time now to open ourselves up to the possibility that we are more than an independent physical body machine chugging along on a road mapped out by fate. We have control of our destiny, our health, our relationships, and our happiness. We can choose joy or depression, It is now up to us.

To access the bridge to the New Earth all you need to do is acknowledge your Divine Mother and ask her for help. Her representatives are :-

Mother Mary (Catholic tradition)
Kwan Yin (Chinese)
Isis (Egyptian)
Brede (Pagan)
Pallas Athena (Greek)
Sophia (Essene and Gnostic)
Ain Soph Aur (Kabbalist)

Choose the name you feel drawn to and ask her to help you. Pray, meditate or contemplate and ask with humility and gratitude in your heart. Then act as if you have already been granted your request. That’s all you need to do to have safe passage through to the 5th dimensional Earth. To ascend.

So as the Nike ad says ‘just do it’!

The pristine New Earth awaits you in the 5th dimension.

See you there?!

With Blessings, Love and Light
Channelled by Rita Marr
Cape Town
Full Moon
April 2011